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2015…New York Jets Moving on

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2015…New York Jets Moving on
Luciano 11
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2015 New York Jets

The 2014 season couldn’t have ended soon enough for us Jets fans. We ended with a usual trip to Miami and another win in what should be renamed Jets Life Stadium. However, it ended with our rivals winning the Super Bowl. Although I am really happy for the Patriots fan base, and all my friends in New England, it hurts. Very hard to have seen them win year after year while we usually fight for second place…..Except this year.

The result? The house got cleaned, unlike two years ago, it really got cleaned. Out went Rex, GM Idzik, long time Scout/GM/Assistant GM Bradway. All but two coaches, all gone.

In a non Woody way, the owner hired former Jets Player Personnel Guru Ron Wolf and former GM Charley Casserly, to help with the interview process. The trio set out to get Dan Quinn from Seattle, but fell in love with Arizona DC Todd Bowles. They found the anti-Idzik in Houston Maccagnan. MM interview Bowles and bam!, the antic-Rex was also hired. Both are originally from New Jersey, and Bowles actually started his NFL career on Al Groh’s staff back in 2000.

A bad team has a lot of needs, and the Jets were a terrible team in 2014. Maccagnan has some decisions to make with current players. Will they keep Percy Harvin? Cutting him saves them another 10.5M in CAP with no dead money, but, they need to a receiver like him. Muhammad Wilkerson must be signed long term. Players like Chris Johnson, Calvin Pace, Jason Babin will probably be cut. They would save another 7.2M in CAP money, adding only 2M in dead money.

Although Chan’s spread offense is what Geno Smith played in college, the immediate search has to be a QB. Willie Colon is gone and the OL will need some beef.

WR will need another player if Harvin is retained, that can be a draft pick, however without Harvin, a free agent will have to be signed.

RB without Johnson and free agent Bilal Powell, I expect the Jets to make a serious run at CJ Spiller. The TE position should be fine, as second year Amaro should thrive in the new system, and Cumberland is also signed.

The Defensive line will need to either resign Ellis and Douzable, or get new depth. Linebacker is where they will need to add some talent. If MLB Harris is not resigned, then a new partner for emerging star Demario Davis will be needed. I think that Coples will thrive in Bowles’ attack schemes; but a pass rushing OLB is needed to replace old man Pace. Gone is the last of the Landrys at safety. Strong Safety is deep, but the team still needs a pure centerfielder. The CB position has some young talent (all injured last season) but it needs help. Money will be spent in free agency to secure one, possibly two established cornerbacks. Todd Bowles’ defense, like Rex’s relies heavily on the CBs, and since cheap Idizik is unemployed, expect some of that CAP to be used here.

Special Teams have been a disaster since the retirement of long time great Mike Westhoff. Another long time ST coach was hired, Bobby April; and I think he too will demand some players.

The Jets are a work in progress, but I really like the direction they seem to be taking. I absolutely love both hires at GM and HC. Listening to the two talk is very refreshing, bothbare level headed. I look forward to seeing this team get built.

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