Iycedstrodomous’s Revenge

Iycedstrodomous’s Revenge
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Iycestrodomous’s revenge!

As predicted by Master Iyce (who you must bow to) the bills finished first in the division and the fins completed their miraculous collapse that makes the hell marry look like childs play. I am right you are all wrong and this is why I will shed some light as to what to expect this upcoming draft season. You all must LEARN THE GAME before you speak with me about footballs and stuffs.

We will do this in draft order. Lettuce Pray.

Pats up first – The Pats are staying well pat and drafting at 3. QB It is and the first shock of the draft, it is not JJ McCarthy despite the pre-draft hype. With the 3 pick the patriots select Drake Maye after both Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels are off the board. The Pats ultimately decide the package of picks a said team offers to move up will not be worth moving out of this slot only to have to trade up for a qb next year with no guarantee they get a team to agree to the trade. Good luck for the Pats fans though anyways, they’ll have a top 5 pick next year.

Alternative Pick : Joe Alt, if we aren’t going to draft the ball flingy guy we are getting a franchise no brainer Tackle at 3 to keep next years bust upright.

Jets are on the clock at 10. With Nabers, and MHJ off the board the Jets pass on TE and they trade down. The GM likes having an abundance of picks and is no stranger to trading away from good prospects for riskier ones just to miss on more additional picks. Seattle jumps up to 10 and Jets get this years 1st and 2nd while jets trade one of their 3rd round picks. Troy Fautanu is the pick. (Thanks CGC)

Alternative Pick: The Jets stay put and draft Brock Bowers (How dare you suggest this !) Ola Fashanu for OL depth. The Jets bolster their deep offensive like they bolster their deeply fucked fanbase. (“This is a childs website iyced!” – It is not, my friends).

Fins are on the clock at 21. The fins throw a curveball at the fanbase. With a very obvious need for CB the fins decide to bolster their OL with Terron Armstead returning but health a major factor and losing some pieces along the OL the Fins decide to draft JC Latham at 19 after leapfrogging the steelers and trading with the rams to do so. The fins give up 21 and a 3rd to leapfrog the Steel City Lets Riders.

Alternative Pick: Terrion Arnold, the fins Opt to go QB over DL figuring they can pick up quality DL later in the draft. They stay put at 21 to do so.

Finally the Bills are on the clock, or did they draft earlier? Don’t let the suspense kill you! Let the playoff experience do that. Bills lose star wr but also HoF twitter user Stefon Diggs after trading him to the Houstons. They carry a big cap hit to not have him on the team but they also carry an additional 2nd round pick next year that the Bills use in order to jump to pick 21 and leapfrog every team that is in on the Brian Thomas sweepstakes  yum steaks . To make the big jump the Bills give up this years first rounder, their own second rounder (this is important to note because the bills are not good now and will have a way more valuable pick than the Texans. It is extremely important to know this. How do I know? I’m iycestrodomous stupid. In return the Texans send a 4th to the bills.

Alternative Pick: In a move not talked about often the Bills OL is shaky on paper. In a move that will undoubtedly throw CJ into a stroke the Bills trade out of the first round to recoup more picks for next years draft.  

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