A Fin Fan’s Tanksgiving

A Fin Fan’s Tanksgiving
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Power Tankings

What a time to be alive as a Dolphins’ fan. There is much to be tankful for after a huge loss by our Fins (#1 game of the week), and wins by the Redskins and Jets. Though it was far from a perfect week, with Steelers and Texans victories, Miami still increased their lead in the Power Tankings, brought to you by CGC5783:

Obviously, there are a couple big movers here as we start to get down to the wire. We’ve added two slots as the Colts and Chargers have burst onto the scene. The Dolphins, Giants, Jaguars, Broncos, Cardinals and Lions are on hot streaks with big gains two weeks in a row. Meanwhile, the clown show Jets and perpetually poor Browns have combined to drop 1,559.8 points the past two weeks, nearly three times the projected draft capital for the LA Rams. Clearly, not all teams can remain focused on the prize throughout the course of the long season.

And now onto the weekly Fin Fan Rooting Rankings


  1. Eagles (@Miami): Clearly fearing for his job, Flores got the Dolphins back in the winning column last week (by losing). It takes a true football scholar to make the Browns offense look competent, so maybe we’re in good hands after all. Miami controls their own destiny to picking #2 overall and the Eagles should help speed them there.
  2. Patriots (@Texans): Two things, a loss for the Miami owned Texans’ pick and a Pats win boosts the Miami SOS. Hate the Patriots, but root for ’em this week.
  3. Browns (@Pittsburgh): Despite losing the great helmet wielding warrior, Garret, to suspension, the Browns should win and help Miami’s Steeler’s pick in doing so.
  4. Giants (vs Packers): A win by New York here would be, dare I say, Giant!
  5. Redskins (@ Panthers): Bills fans tell us they have the only good Allen. Let’s hope they’re right this week as a second consecutive Redskins win could give Miami sole possession of 2nd place.

Bonus Games: Bengals (vs Jets, but I’ve given up hope on #1 overall), Falcons (vs Saints), Buffalo (@Dallas, for SOS purposes and kicking Pitt out the playoffs), Denver (vs Chargers)
Thanks to CGC5783 and FinFan5357 for the article!


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