AFC East Fourth & One

Luciano 11

AFC East Fourth & One
Luciano 11
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May is coming to a close, Memorial Day is just around the corner, as is summer, and we have zero news, unless, you want to keep beating that dead horse again. I love the NFL and cannot wait for the season, however, I love the good weather and the up and coming outdoor season as well; I intend to enjoy it totally before ….

…we give you a very, very, very early prediction of standings:

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have managed the first winning season since the Carter Administration, or close to it, and the euphoria is in full swing. Bills fans, never shy of letting you know how great a season they will have, now have ammunition on their side, Rex Ryan, the talkative, boasting HC, who makes all believers. Bills had one of the best defenses in the NFL, and will again. Bills had one of the worst offenses in the NFL, and will again. At this point, I will buy into the Rex hype, and give this squad a 10 win season (defenses win 8-9 games) with their first playoff birth, well since Nixon died! A 9-7 and no playoffs would be a step backwards with a new HC and a Marrone banished! It has to be Playoffs or bust!

Miami Dolphins

The Fins had a very interesting off season. Gone are many players, replaced by a star and devastating DL force in Suh. The Fins have something only the Pats have, a QB, or one that resembles a QB. Offensively this team should score and be somewhat where they were a year ago (too many other losses top see a huge improvement). I really love the Adai pick, and if the kid keeps his head screwed on straight, he may be the steal of the Draft. However, Suh is not going to make this defense that much better all by himself. Also, that OL sucked and still does. The Fins will have a better schedule than a year ago, and they will save Philbin with a 9-7 performance. Playoffs? At 9-7 that is hard to guess.

New York Jets

Idzik taketh and gaveth! Jets were depleted of overall talent by the hired house cleaner of two years ago. The new regime has done a lot to improve talent and depth, but is it enough? The Jets will finish the year among the best 5 defenses in the NFL, and defense alone will win 8-9 games (see the Bills a year ago and the Jets a few years back). The offense has improved drastically, but, the QB? Not sure the QB position is improved enough to become a playoff team. I have the Jets at 8-8 at this point, with a shot at 9-7.

New England Patriots

So much has happened to the World Champs! Aside from the bull, they have lost a ton of talent, especially defensively. They do retain a major ingredient, and like I said defense wins games, so does a QB with marginal talent around him. This team is still the class of the division, until otherwise proven, but the gap is closing in. I have the Pats at 11-5 with Brady gone for 2 games and 10-6 with him gone for 4.


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