AFC East and Such: Hartford Whalers Edition


AFC East and Such: Hartford Whalers Edition
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The Greatest QBs of All Time

The greatest QB debate is something that has gone on for decades. Recently with the rules changing to make it easier for QBs to post ridiculous numbers these debates have intensified to epic proportions.  To settle this all I have decided to make the correct rankings of the greatest QB’s of all time.

1) Dan Marino

Marino played in an age where running game was king. QB’s weren’t asked to do much at all except hand it off and maybe chuck it deep from time to time.  That all changed in 1983 when Dan Marino came to town.  He wasn’t afraid to let it rip and led one of the greatest offenses in NFL history. His second year was the greatest in NFL history and still stands today as the greatest season of all time.  He doesn’t have any Super Bowl Rings but those were due to outside factors out of his control and the Miami Dolphins. If he had the luck other teams were getting in their Super Bowls, he would have won at least ten, maybe more. But Super Bowls are a team win and Marino made those teams championship contenders all by himself. No other QB was able to do that and no QB will ever do that.

2) Otto Graham

If Marino revolutionized passing, Otto was the one who brought it to life. When Otto played, running was the only thing allowed and passing was a sign you were a communist.  Graham changed that by becoming a pretty good passer as well as a runner. He led Cleveland to their only championships ever and the only championships they will ever have. Without Graham their would be no QB position.

3) Peyton Manning

Manning was going to be the next Marino as he was a very good passer who put up ridiculous numbers and carried teams to championships. Manning does have one ring as he beat a very good QB in Rex Grossman head to head. However the only reason isn’t #1 is the era he was in. When Peyton made his rise to fame, the leagues changed their rules to make passing as easy as riding a bike. That has hurt him in regards to his standing with the rest of the greats. But he is the best QB since Marino, with no one even close.

4) Joe Montana

Montana has the most rings which helps him a lot and he has played some good ball from time to time. However that does not make him the greatest ever. Montana had the benefit of the 2nd greatest coach of all time in Walsh and the greatest WR of all time in Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice caught everything thrown his way and Walsh designed easy plays for him. But four rings is what keeps him so high on the list.

5) Terry Bradshaw

Like Montana, Bradshaw has four rings which means he is pretty highly ranked. Also like Montana, Bradshaw had lots and lots of help. Those Steeler teams had unstoppable defenses that made his life easier. He also had the benefit of playing for one of the all time greats and some true offensive threats. But like Montana, he made some big plays and won guys all by himself at times. Also he played for clean teams that never cheated, which is crucial for a player to make this list. While Bradshaw never had the exotic numbers, he just won.

Other guys

a) Joe Namath is one as he is best known for his guarantee. A truly elite passer when passing was wrong. He threw for lots of TDs and played smart, clean football. Namath would have won more rings if he didn’t play for the Jets.

b) John Elway had the jaw of a champion and was one of the best athletic QBs in the game. He didn’t win until he got a good coach, but his numbers speak for themselves. Also a truly great GM with the Broncos.

c) Eli Manning, while not as great as his brother, did beat the biggest cheaters in NFL history twice which means a lot.

Dead Last

Tom Brady: Cheating Cheater who cheated.


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