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AFC East News … Dolphins

AFC East News … Dolphins
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2013 Draft Pick Break-Out Year

This is the second of a four part series. Today AFC East News … Dolphins will be picking a player from last year’s draft for each team. I will tell you why I believe he will be a difference maker this season.


dion-jordanMiami Dolphins

#1 Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon

Jordan was labeled a bust before he even took a snap in the NFL. Dolphins fans and haters alike have put a label on this young man from day one (including this writer).

Let’s remove our dark glasses and really look at it. Jordan was a top 5 pick, long before the Dolphins were involved. Clearly they liked him a lot, because they moved up knowing too well that the Philadelphia Eagles were about to select the kid.

He had a tremendous college career at Oregon, in one of the top programs in the country.

He is very good at pursuing a runner, not as much standing up at the line. That may come with time as he bulks up.


My Take:

We have wrongly labeled this young man. It wasn’t his fault the Dolphins moved up to #3 to get him, and certainly not his fault the shoulder injury prevented him from being a full participant in OTAs a year ago. I blame the old Dolphins front office for not admitting that they were drafting a future player, regardless of injury, and not an immediate starter as was needed.

Jordan will rebound nicely; from all I read he is having a tremendous off-season, and is as expected when drafted, bulking up to a NFL DL weight.

We tend to put too many expectations on early rounds picks. Regardless of where a player is taken, it takes time to adjust to the speed, opponent’s size, and athleticism the NFL requires.

The Dolphins will need to rely on him a lot more, and not waste his talents on STs.

If used properly, the kid can develop into a Jason Taylor type. I will be very surprised if he doesn’t reach 7-8 sack totals. His sophomore year should quiet the critics.

Miami has found a player they can count on for years to come.


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