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AFC East’ Slick Weekly
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Overreactions from a slow week…


Well that was fun. After a week of pure joy and craziness following the opening of free agency, we got a fairly boring week. Not much to react to, let alone overreact, but here we go.

The Bills, no doubt due to the horribly cold, extended winter that is keeping the entire northeast in a perpetual frozen state sat on their hands all week. At least they are warm.

The Jets haven’t made too many moves, but they did file tampering charges against the Pats because Robert Kraft mentioned Revis and how much he would have liked it if he stayed, but he didn’t want to pay him in a press conference. I thought it was kind of 14 year old girlish of the Pats to file tampering charges on the Jets in the first place and this sinks the feud down to about 8 year old girl levels. Next we’re going to hear that the two teams have cancelled all future games against one and other because their owners can’t play nice.

The Dolphins did the most Dolphins thing in the world and reinforced their position that 7-9 is OK, just as long you beat the Pats once every once in a while by announcing the upcoming release of “Weekend at Bernie’s III: the 2015-17 Miami Dolphins” and a new contract extension for Sleepy Joe Philbin. Joe is yet to post a winning record for the Fins, but he has accomplished something that hasn’t been accomplished in Miami for over a decade and a half; having the same starting QB three years running (we’re assuming that Tannchize doesn’t go on a weeklong bender after Tannebaum gives him a fully guaranteed $150MM deal and end up in a Mexican prison). So there’s that.

And the Pats continued their series of baffling secondary moves by bringing in a few more guys that sat out a few games last year suffering whiplash from watching the guys they are covering blow by them. They also made some Patriot type moves to make it look like they are actually spending to the salary cap by reworking some of their current players’ deals and doubling Rob Ninkovitch’s salary. Don’t worry, the salary cap is real and there is no way to manipulate it. IN BILL WE TRUST!!!!!

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