AFC East Week Nine Recap

Luciano 11

AFC East Week Nine Recap
Luciano 11
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Season is halfway over for our division, and we are getting some answers as to what to expect. One is trying to eliminate the ’72 record from the books, two others are in the WC hunt, and face off this week. The last one, well its the last one.



My prediction: Patriots by a landslide 41-17

Who knew that the Patriots were slipping! Actually this game was closer than I thought, only because I think the defending champs got tired of scoring, and losing Neon Dion didn’t help.

New England remains one of three teams undefeated at 8-0, the other two being the Panthers and the Bengals. Injuries for this team are starting to mount up, and eventually even a giant will feel them. Losing Lewis is huge, not only for the WinterfellDirewolves, but also for the Patriots. Lewis added a dimension that few teams have, his loss will be felt, especially in the playoffs.



My prediction: Jets 31-13

The score was well on the way to be close to this, however a few events changed the outcome. First the kicker pulled a quad muscle after his kickoff and promoted himself to holder. Quickley, the punter had not kicked since high school. Then up 14-3 and really dominating, Nick Mangold re-injured his neck. From that moment on, it was hang on for dear life, as the young and unpredictable Jaguars threaten to do to the Jets what they did to the Dolphins and Bills.

The Jaguars are young and talented, I really like the direction they are taking. I will make a bold prediction: next season they win the AFCS!

The Jets are banged up all over the place. Colon didn’t not play, Pryor did not play, his replacement got injured. Marshall is clearly playing in pain, as is Decker. However, Decker, the same Decker the experts at SR said was a Peyton Manning made WR, is having al All-pro type of season.

Next up the Rex led Bills march into Met Life on a short week.



My prediction:  Bills win 27-20

This was a game neither team could afford to lose, especially the Dolphins. It has basically eliminated the Fins from the dreams of summers past.

The Bills are the better team, and the better team has swept this divisional rivalry. Tyrod Taylor returned with a bang, and he even invited Sammy Watkins to the party. McCoy showed why he was traded for to begin with, with some shady runs. Biggest negative for the Bills? Too many dumb penalties.

The Dolphins are on the way of possibly getting swept in the division, that has not happened in a while, and the team continues to drop further into the abyss.

Dan Campbell is just not a HC, he is an excellent motivator, but there is a reason he was still a TE coach. I would demand Suh pay back the money he has stolen!


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