AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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In case you haven’t been paying attention – and it’s doubtful you haven’t – the number of AFC North teams in the playoff chase has been reduced to one.  The Ravens pulled out a surprising win over the Steelers, the Bengals continued their habit of bowing out in the first round, and the Browns…

Watched from home, just like you did.  Fortunately, they have a bit more time to analyze their draft selections and the prospective free agent market, so I expect more improvement from them next season.  This is not good news for the other AFC North hopefuls.

Here’s today’s latest.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has no regard for the past in relation to Saturday’s game against the Ravens.

My Take:  Brady will be facing the same defensive scheme that he’s seen often the last three years, so there must be some acknowledgement of the history between these two teams, despite his statements to the contrary.  Then again, downplaying this sort of correlation is nothing new for Brady and the Patriots in general.

Cleveland Browns

Here’s a list of important dates for the Browns this offseason.

My Take:  Of particular note is the date by which underclassmen must declare for the draft, because – as the article states – it will be a scant three days after the national championship is played.

Cincinnati Bengals

Regarding head coach Marvin Lewis and his future plans and possibilities.

My Take:  I sincerely doubt Marvin goes anywhere.  Owner Mike Brown is not given to impulsive decisions, and he truly seems to feel that Lewis is the right man to continue leading the Bengals for the foreseeable future.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Heading into this offseason, the Steelers’ primary needs are obvious.

My Take:  Nothing particularly new here, although the decisions the Steelers make at outside linebacker definitely bear watching.


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