AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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As if the season weren’t topsy-turvy enough, last night’s Skintones v. Cowboys game featured a couple of old (in one case literally) AFC North standbys…if Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden can be labeled as such.  And surprisingly, neither embarrassed themselves, particularly McCoy, who showed all of the reasons Cleveland fans believed he could start for them, and all of the reasons he failed in that role in the course of about four hours.

Thank goodness they’ve moved on…right?

Enjoy today’s roundup.

Baltimore Ravens

Cornerback Jimmy Smith is among the players the Ravens can least afford to lose.

My Take:  Sadly, I’d have to agree.  Smith has really come into his own this year by forcing opposing quarterbacks to continually bypass him in coverage, and finally living up to his first round draft ranking.

Cleveland Browns

Standout tight end Jordan Cameron appears to have concussion issues.

My Take:  After suffering his third concussion in the last two seasons, the Browns – much as it would hurt their offense – might want to consider shelving him for the remainder of the season.  Given the current medical evidence and league standpoint on head trauma, it’s probably the prudent move.

Cincinnati Bengals

Wideout Greg Little appears to be quickly fitting in with his new team.

My Take:  Good for Little, whose physical skills always seemed to be overshadowed by his propensity to drop passes.  Perhaps he’s finally putting it all together.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Right tackle Marcus Gilbert appears to be ready to return this Sunday against the Ravens.

My Take:  At long last, the Steelers have some semblance of depth at tackle, as backup Mike Adams played the best football of his career in Gilbert’s absence.  Offensive line coach Mike Munchak has to be pleased with the current state of his line.


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