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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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This Sunday will offer up another installment in the annals of (arguably) the NFL’s best rivalry.

I know that fans of the AFC North are nervous, excited, happy, irritable, and looking forward to seeing…

Peyton Manning v. Tom Brady.

Enjoy today’s AFC North afternoon links.

Baltimore Ravens

Seldom-used and almost-traded linebacker Arthur Brown is happy to remain a Raven.

My Take:  I feel badly for Brown, who seems to be a high-character ballplayer that’s just not suited for the defensive system the Ravens employ.  It’s good to see that he’s remaining optimistic about his playing time and possibilities.

Cleveland Browns

Rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel is frustrated remaining on the bench, according to teammate Donte Whitner.

My Take:  I imagine he is frustrated, but his inactivity is appropriate for a player that displayed little in the preseason to indicate that he was capable of playing at the NFL level.  Perhaps Manziel will use the time to rededicate himself to becoming a better ballplayer, or he won’t.  It’s up to him to change things.

Cincinnati Bengals

Controversial linebacker Vontaze Burfict is enduring a trying season.

My Take:  It’s tough to feel much sympathy for Burfict, who’s shown little propensity to learn from his mistakes.  But I would point out that he’s still very young (24) and has displayed enough talent to still warrant taking seriously.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Various players  weigh in on the Ravens/Steelers rivalry.

My Take:  It’s generally the same refrain before every one of these contests from both sides, but it’s good to know that the players and coaches are aware of the implications of this game, and what impact it will conceivably have on their respective seasons.

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