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AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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The end is in sight.

No, I’m not making doom-and-gloom, end-times stuff.  I’m talking about the end of the regular season, when all of this confusion and angst will be relieved in time for us to enjoy the playoffs in a calm, restful fashion…unless you happen to be a fan of a team that qualifies for them.

Yesterday was a step towards ferreting out the competition, as the chances of a berth increased for some, and decreased for others, including some notables right here in our beloved AFC North.

Here’s a look at some of today’s tidbits.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

Cornerback Rashaan Melvin does well in his NFL debut.

My Take:  And not a moment too soon for the ever-depleting Ravens secondary, which lost two more members yesterday.  Melvin played with some confidence and very few jitters, and it’s expected that he’ll see a  lot more time in the coming weeks.

Cleveland Browns

ESPN’s Merrill Hoge blasted the selection of rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel.

My Take:  No offense to Hoge, who paid his dues in the NFL as a player, but his opinion of the Browns and their personnel holds very little resonance.  Hoge is paid by his network to be a catalyst for conversation, and by reacting in such a manner, he’s attempting to do exactly that.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals employed a systemic execution of their offense to steamroll the Browns yesterday.

My Take:  Yes, they did, with an extra emphasis on the ground game, spearheaded by now-starting back Jeremy Hill and in response to another forgettable day from quarterback Andy Dalton.

Pittsburgh Steelers

If the Steelers win next week, they’re in.

My Take:  If they do win, the final week of the season becomes that much more interesting.  Seedings could be determined, starters could be rested, and spots may still be up for grabs.  Of course, the Steelers can eliminate most of their concerns if they simply…win.

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