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AFCE Miami Dolphins-The soup is sour!

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Luciano 11

AFCE Miami Dolphins-The soup is sour!
Luciano 11
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The season began with very high expectations, as it has since 1972. That season gave Miami fans across the country;, this fanbase has been dreamed big since. The Dan Marino era almost made those dreams a reality, only to re-energize a new generation.


Dan became a legend, and his replacement has been a phantom parade of QBs, one by one they all failed, are we witnessing the latest?


Yesterday the Jets did all they could to give Miami the game. Field position was amazing, as a matter of fact, their worst in the first half was at their own 48. Results? Nothing!


The Jets had so much confidence in their defense stopping this inept Dolphins unit, that they went for it on fourth down, on their first drive, on their own side of the field. The result? Nothing! Well, yea, Tannehill set up R. Matthews to get killed.


The Dolphins have not found their new Dan Marino in Ryan Tannehill, but just another overpaid soon to be journeyman. Tannehill’s pocket presence is non existent, and its time we stop blaming the OL for all his sacks and hits. Tannehill is not a top 10 QB, as we were convinced, even Jay Jay Cutler is having a better season, as are the other QBs in the division. The contract he has is insane, and there was zero reason to have handed to him a year earlier than necessary….another Tannenbaum specialty.


This Dolphins team was supposed to challenge for the division, as the WC was a forgone conclusion. The fact they didn’t manage even a winning record, has gotten everyone fired.


Dan Campbell looked like he deserved an opportunity to be the next HC, but lets face it, his soup mixture has not worked any better than that of Dead Man Walking. You can’t promote someone to HC and expect the title to be his magic wand. You have to earn the title.


Joe Philbin was fired after the Jets humiliated them in London. Yesterday the humiliation was even worst, so Lazor got the axe. You can’t promote someone to OC and expect the title to be his magic wand. You have to earn the title. However, at some point, it will be time to stop blaming the coaches, this group of players should be fired!


….. time to suck for the next God to wear a Miami uniform!


I hope Dolphins fans here have learned a valuable lesson, the trash talking before the season should slow down, you will look better after the disaster.

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