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AFCE Saturday Discussions – Rankings

AFCE Saturday Discussions – Rankings
Luciano 11
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The analogy of our Rankings, are they working?



Rankings are a strange stat on the internet, why?

For years, dating back to early 2000’s, all I have ever read, as I’m sure you have to, is “Rankings are stupid, who even pays attention to them?” Everyone has always tried to discard the idea that some fools, usually writers can decide where a team ranks in the grand scheme of things. I, was such a person as well, until………………….Until this season.

I always felt we needed to be like everyone else and have rankings, so I came up with my weird system of instead of numbers, rank them by “Elite, Playoffs Teams, etc.” That annoyed a lot of people, because if their team won one week, they expected that team to suddenly jump from “Looking at Draft Positioning” to “Playoff Contender”.  In my mind it never worked that way, but obviously, I’m only one of many, so my opinion might work for me, not for others.

After the year started we formed a group, because I felt that a ranking done by piers, might be well received, better than mine was. We were able to get 7 volunteers, and I appreciate them, because it takes some of their time away. I think we have done a very good job, especially considering that we started from scratch, and most of us probably never wrote down a ranking before.

All of this is opinion, and always will be, rankings are needed to start conversation and to also leverage teams against one another, but it is not an exact science, and it never will be. Obviously the only ranking that really matters is that under W-L. However, I still say we need them, and I want to thank the team for their efforts.

When I analyze where we rate with so called Professionals (see above), here is what jumps out at me:

1. We have Arizona #1, the rest are 3-3 between New England & Arizona…….Are we anti New England? Or are we dead on?

2. The bottom 5 is a toss up, but really who cares, all these teams are the worst in the league right now

3. Baltimore seems to be an argument every week. Yet, 3 have them lower than us, and 2 agree, with only The Bleacher Report loving them

I guess I think we are right on with the curve, let me know your thoughts. Also let me know how to improve this, so that it’s the best one online.

Have a great Saturday!


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