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Dead Week Overreactions


Look, I’m only writing this so I don’t get fined.

I mean really what’s to write about in the week off in between Championship weekend and the Super Bowl. The New England Patriots have had a “ho-hum” sort of week, preparing to leave for the fun and sun of Phoenix, Arizona. There were some false accusations made against them, but as always the Pats’ appear to be emerging from this as shiny as the Lombardi Trophy.

The Pro Bowl also happened and I hear quite a few players from teams around the AFC East played. I wouldn’t know though, the players that I care about are preparing for a game on Sunday and the return of the Majestic Stork to the sidelines could spell doom for the Sea Gulls form the North West. The Pats are starting have enough evidence to build a strong “Us against the world”, defiant locker room that won’t cower in the face of Dick Sherm and Company like Peyton did last year in New York.

Media day also happened to be yesterday and everyone’s favorite coach and QB were as chipper as we’ve seen them in a long time, answering questions about their favorite stuffed animals and the like. Gronk sang and Gronk danced, so it was in fact a Tuesday. The only real piece of “news” to come out of media day was when Legarrett Blount confirmed that the Sea Gulls defense is human and they can be beaten (as evidenced by their 12-4 record).

That’s really all I’ve got, not too much big news last week.

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