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AFCE Week 10 Recap

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Luciano 11

AFCE Week 10 Recap
Luciano 11
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Oh what a great week of picking opposite me!



My pick: Bills 17-Jets 24


We all know how this one turned out, it was almost correct, but the other way around.

Rex entered MetLife just seconds before kick off, because it was about the players not him. The Bills responded by jumping on the Jets early and often. This game was basically over at the half.

Jets attempted a futile comeback, but when on 4th and goal, the play is designed to go to a blocking TE that never plays, you have issues.

Bills deserved the win, and the victory temporarily puts them ahead of the Jets in the pecking order for the WC.

Up next, Bills visit the Wounded Pats, and the Jets visit the resurgent Texans.



My pick: Patriots 24-23


I was right about the one point differential, but the Patriots were primed to lose this one.

Giants always play the AFCE leaders well. I’m sure a lot has to do with the two coaches’ background.

The Patriots injuries are adding, as it’s getting harder and harder to maintain the unbeaten streak alive. Add Julian Edelman to the list of the walking wounded.

Replacing Dion Lewis is one thing, but to replace Julian is not easy at all. Teams will be able to double up on Gronk knowing that the LaFells of the world are not the dynamic route runners that Julian is.

Next up the two-win streak Bills



My pick: Eagles 20-34


Never thought the Dolphins had it in them, but this was a nice win.

With this win the Dolphins are one game from. 500 and that means that with a game at home against the Cowboys, the Dolphins will try to get back in the WC race. Well done Dan!

The Dolphins seem to have stopped the crazy Lazor play calling, and more runs are dialed up than earlier in the year. This has led to a more balanced attack.

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