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AFCE Week 12 in Review & Links

AFCE Week 12 in Review & Links
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AFCE Week in Review

With week 12 complete here is what we learned heading to week 13::

  1. The Jets still suck and there is a lot more going on then what we are being told
  2. The Buffalo Bills have revived WC dreams
  3. The New England Patriots keep rolling along
  4. The Miami Dolphins stumbled in Denver, but opened some eyes

The season started in NY with lots of questions and uncertainties, today all of that is actually worst. Let me take this from the top: GM Idzik had well over 20M in CAP room that he chose to bank for a later day, yet, the CBs are at best Division 3 eligible. Why? Why would he do that? Some here joked that he was sabotaging Rex, I laughed that off, but I was wrong. News came out that as early as this past summer, and well before camp, Mr. CAP himself told some scouts that this was Rex’s last season and he will get his own coach. WOW! He should have had his own coach, yes, but at the very latest at the end of last season, to sabotage a season for selfish reasons is simply put: time to go!!! Woody, if you have anything resembling manhood, you fire his ass now!

Worst, Rex wants Vick to start this week, instead Mr. CAP forced the hand to play Geno. I get the Jets have nothing to play for, but they didn’t have anything to play for when Vick was made the starter. This is another move of sabotaging any possibilities of Rex finishing strong and having Woody want to keep him again. I think its time for a change, but I hope the team responds in a big way and backs up their HC; Mr. CAP, since he will not be fired, he needs to bleed very slowly to his ultimate day with the firing squad.

The Bills, a team that was not able to practice thanks to mother nature hating them; they came out and played a strong game, at home (in Detroit, where even rats refuse to call it home). A lot of credit to the coaching staff to get this team to play, after losing last two weeks. Orton continues to play safe and effective football, making the off season decision very hard.

Bills, unfortunately may have done too little too late in order to get into the WC scheme. With 5 teams at 7-4, and all fighting for WC spots, it appears that 10 wins is the bare minimum. Bills at 6-5 would have to finish 4-1 and still hope for others to lose. Regardless, this has been an excellent season.

The Patriots continue to roll over opponents in ways reminiscent of 2007. I am very interested to see how they fare in Green Bay, against a team that it is also playing very well. My guess? The Patriots will dominate that game too. The way they are playing, the only opponent that maybe able to stop their march to the SB, is the injury bug. Not wishing any, but I don’t see any other team capable of stopping them. My hope is that Tom and Bill win another SB and both walk into the sunset as winners; only then do the rest of us can have a season.

Miami walked into Denver with ideas of spoiling Mr. Manning and company’s home coming, they almost did. The Dolphins are playing the best I have seen them play  in years, and at the right time. Unfortunately for them, like the Bills, some of the games they have blown early on, will come back to bite. Too many teams with tie breaking advantages, are involved. Dolphins cannot afford to lose any more games, other than the New England one (where AFC teams have not seen victories in years). The Jets suck, but its still two divisional games, and a mistake in one would be fatal. The Vikings are good one day, crappy the next. The Ravens at home is a huge contest for this team.

Happy GameDay!


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