Luciano 11


AFCE Week 4 Rankings

AFCE Week 4 Rankings
Luciano 11
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I apologize for the ones posted on Thursday. I was traveling and did them at 1am. There was one entry mistake on CK’s column, and I also didn’t remember that having two extra voters changed the size of the actual .jpg layout. The bottom three teams where not visible. The voters for the season are now locked in, thanks to all that volunteered, it’s disappointing that we have no Dolphins fans on the panel. Below are the actuals:


Rankings week4

 BoB = BoBtheNailer       Luc = Luciano11       Nik = Nikvoodoo   Dud = dudthestud66

CK = cknuckles60191        CJ = CJ gets two many carries        BBG = bradblackandgold



How do we compare?

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