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AFCE Week Three Recap

AFCE Week Three Recap
Luciano 11
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I apologize if I didn’t dedicate as much time to the games this week. I watched the Jets and Patriots games on speed control, but I did enjoy the Bills/Dolphins game live.

Eagles @ Jets
I picked a Jets win 27-10, totally wrong!!! Eagles win 24-17! Eagles needed the win more, Jets after a short week, looked flat in the first half. Too much to overcome, as they awoke in the second half.
If a Jets QB has to throw 58 times, there will never be a win on the other side of that mess. Ivory not being able to go, and the run game sucked totally! Devon Smith is finally healthy. Marshall made a bone headed play, and that lateral maybe the difference in this game. Down 24-0 the Jets had many opportunities to get even, but they blew it, and credit goes to the Eagles.
The Eagles deserved the win, they had to win, they may have saved their season. I still think Bradford sucks and Chip isn’t Chipping. With Dallas losing and the rest of the division resembling the Titanic, the Eagles may just be the team to beat.
Bring on the London Dolphins!


Jaguars @ Patriots
I picked a Patriots blow out 36-13, LOL, I was close, 51-17. The “elite” Jags didn’t show up, and the Pats made them pay.
Jaguars, fresh of the “upset” of the Dolphins, walked into New England like a mouse walks into a closed cage with three cats in it. Jags were never a match, Bortles was able to get some garbage time yards, making it look a little more respectable than it really was.
The Patriots have now blown out teams two weeks in a row, the ire of Brady is not over!
Thank God they cannot hurt anyone else this week.

Bils @ Dolphins
7-11, Clay, hell everyone is open in Miami! I picked the Bills 16-13, LOL, oh boy, I was so dumb. I also picked this team, the one Down-Under to make the playoffs, idiot!
TanneElite has become a garbage collector, of yards that is, and that should keep all the delusional dreaming big. Suh is still on the way to South Beach from Detroit, he stopped at a Motel 6 so he could watch his Lions on TV, he may arrive soon….or not.
The Dolphins are in the midst of the easier portion of their schedule, it gets brutal in the second half. At this point the house cleaning should start early, and with plenty of college games, because that top 5 pick will be huge. The defense has a whopping one sack after three games, and Lamar Miller thinks he too is elite and only needs to show up a few times a year. This is a badly coached team, with no identity and no direction.
The Buffalo Bills redeemed themselves, the defense is looking like the defense of old, and Tyrod Taylor is showing why he is the starting QB, hell Ravens may wish he was still there. This team was by far better coached, all around, and the playoffs may not be a mirage this time time around.
Bills will host the NY Giants and the Dolphins will try their luck in soccer, in London.


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