AFCE Wk14 Recap & Outlook

Luciano 11

AFCE Wk14 Recap & Outlook
Luciano 11
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Fourteen weeks since the day we all had so much excitement in us. That Monday morning we showed up here excited, all four teams had won. The Summer Rumbles of the Dolphins and Bills competing with the Patriots for first place, or both would grab a WC spot, were alive more than ever. While the crappy Jets would just be lucky to win 6. That was so exciting, such good memories.


Here we are, fourteen weeks later and all that excitement has dwindled down, a lot. Week 14 is not yet done for our division, the Dolphins host the Giants tonight.


The division leader traveled to Houston, carrying with them that unusual baggage called a two game losing streak. They were going to face All-World Watt and All-Pro Hopkins. The second place Jets playing in a trap game against a bad team that has a media loved QB. A few in NY papers picked the Titans to win this one. The euphoric Bills come off a win against the Texans, and back to that .500 record they have been at all season. All that is in their way to get tot he playoffs? Three lousy teams from the NFCN and the crappy Jets.


Patriots took care of business, the return of Gronk patched the cracks in the sinking ship, however not sure the cracks can hold for another three weeks at sea. Patriots also got gifts from Dalton’s busted thumb (they would have lost regardless), and the Broncos getting raided by men in black. Back tot he top, even if that top is shaky and could drop at any moment.


Jets did the unthinkable and played a complete game, so much for trap games NY Media! Tennessee was no match for this Jets D, and Mariota looked every bit as green as he almost was to be. Batman and Robin continue to provide offense at a pace Jets fans are not accustomed to, but hey, they only beat the Titans. The win kept the New Yorkers from New Jersey locked in the 6th seed of the WC.


Bills never seem able to go and play a big game without a loud mouth making it about himself. Eagles wanted to welcome Shady back, he decided to be a baby about it, and even his talents didn’t elevate the Bills play to a victory. Shady was mostly that, shaded all game, he is not the electric player that so wanted to stay in the city of brotherly love. Walking into the tunnel before the actual whistle blew only reassured those of us that think he is a complete moron, that he is also a coward. Tyros did all he could to carry this team, only to force a bad throw in desperation.


Dolphins will lose tonight, mostly because they simply cannot score points. The Giants are a mess too, but the Giants can score, especially against a midget as the top CB. ODB will have a lot of fun, the same way Marshall has had in two games against Grimes.


The next three weeks will dictate a few things for this group:


Can the Patriots maintain that top seed in the AFC? I say yes they can. Pats will not go unbeaten in these games, but the other two contenders are both in trouble, and one of them may not even win their division.


Can the Jets get a WC spot? They can, it will be tight because this year it will take 10 wins. As long as Fitztragic who sucks in December (or so I have read) continues to play mistake free football, this team’s D and suddenly fun to watch offense can win 2 of 3.


Bills and Dolphins are separated by a game, will they share the basement? No, Bills will finish a game a head, both will lose 2 of 3, and a 7-9 and 6-10 record are not what those dreams of fourteen weeks ago were about.


The definition of POS in my dictionary:

He shared a hug with Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie, kissed the Eagles logo at midfield while serving as Buffalo’s lone captain for the pregame coin toss.


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