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AFCENEWS.COM Fantasy Football Update: Week 3

AFCENEWS.COM Fantasy Football Update: Week 3
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With Wallace gone Brown gets more targets

Another big week for the AFC East as the cumulative record is now 9-3, tops in the NFL. Here’s the fantasy football update for the bloggers of the best division this week: Pacing the scoring this week was Antonio Brown with his huge, 40 point effort in a loss to the top scoring defense of the Bears. Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Jamal Charles rounded out the top  position players for the week each besting 30 points. The top scoring team this week belongs to iycedout’s TBD with 148 points while Cacalle’s On 12 Break! brought up the rear with an abysmal 75 points. Overall it was a very low scoring week with 5 teams under the 100 point mark and only 2 eclipsing 130 points.

Some close matchups to watch this week (according to yahoo projections):
Manuel Overdrive vs Ire-Landing Talent
Whaley’s Love Child vs ?

Here are last weeks scores and the current standings for the AFCENEWS.COM Fantasy Football League



For anyone who forgot/didn’t know, the team owners are as follows:
Trapped in the Wake: finfan5357
Whaley’s Love Child: gregstar
?: buffalosoldier
Vereen on Me: nossorc
Suck My Johnsons: CJ gets two many carries sue me
Lemme Get the Manue: linkage
TBD: iycedout
Offensive Tuels: nikvoodoo
Show Me Your TD’s: slickvinny
Ire-landing talent: cgc5783
On 12! Break: cacalle
Manuel Overdrive: scott mankins
The league can be accessed @  http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/league/afcenews

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