Archer Weekly: Elevate


Archer Weekly: Elevate
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The Super Bowl is two weeks away and it was guaranteed to have at least one AFCE team in it and instead of the team everyone actually wanted in, we got the one that only evil people like.


The Team that lost to Blake  Bortles


The New England Patriots went to the AFCCG as an underdog in the first time in what seems to be a while.  They faced AFCE Rivals Kansas City Chiefs who had what is most likely the MVP in Patrick Mahomes aka the guy the Bills passed on.  It was as many expected, a high scoring affair with neither defense showing up.  The Chiefs got what many thought was going to be the last laugh, scoring the go ahead TD with about 2 minutes ago but Tom Brady and his friends in white and black would not have any of that. The Greatest QB not named Josh Allen had a clutch drive with a questionable offsides penalty allowed the Patriots to get what many thought would be the game winning TD. But Patrick Mahomes was having none of that and drove down the field to get his team in position to hit the game tying field goal and send it into overtime. Whoever got the ball first was most likely going to win as neither defense could stop the other and Overtime rules in the NFL are a total joke. The Patriots got “lucky” with the coin toss and it went in their favor and it was what ended up deciding the game as Brady did his thing. The Patriots now go to Atlanta where they will pull a Bama and get demolished by the Clemson of the NFL.


Lift Me Higher

The New York Jets already made their Head Coaching hire with the laughable choice of Adam Gase and this week they made their defensive coaching hire of Gregg Williams. Gregg Williams is a very interesting personality who will clash many times with the Joe Philbinesque Gase. However, he does have a history of good defenses, whether legal or not is another story. At the very least he will bring that Rex Ryan back to the Jets.


When I Get Down

The Miami Dolphins are still waiting on their Head Coach as their expected hire will be at the Super Bowl where he might be calling plays.  While the other teams have been able to get their coaching staffs together, the Dolphins are just sitting there hoping no one notices.  In other news, they hired Jim Caldwell in some random position where he hopefully doesn’t ruin the team (but probably will). The Dolphins are definitely the worst franchise in the NFL as they have coaching staff, no real HC, no QB, no OL,  no WRs, no TE, no real RB. All they have is a high priced pass rusher and safety and a cornerback who will definitely leave the second he is a free agent. If anyone needs to be elevated, it is the Dolphins


The Next AFCE Champion

The team with the highest upswing, the Buffalo Bills finally addressed their OL coach position with Bobby Johnson who last year was the assistant OL coach for the Indianapolis Colts and before that was in Buffalo coaching under Chan Gailey. At the very least he can’t be worst than Juan Castillo though I doubt he will be better than Chair throwing Aaron Kromer but who really is. The Bills got that position filled out now they need to get a QB coach and move the current QB coach back to coaching WRs where he belongs. Other than that, the Bills are biding their time until Free Agency where they will pounce getting pieces around Josh Allen to make him the next Carson Wentz (but Nick Foles in the playoffs). Things are looking up in Buffalo.


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