Archer Weekly: Just Kidding

Archer Weekly: Just Kidding
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The draft is coming up in a few weeks and we are at the worse part of the offseason as outside of a schedule release, nothing is going on. Thankfully the J-E-T-S added some excitement and the Dolphins started their “offseason” workouts.


J-E-T-S: In Denial 


The Jets are in the zone of danger when it comes to 2016. They don’t scream contender with the uncertainty at QB but they also have a lot invested in older players whose time is coming up or already up.  After the retirement of their mainstay at LT the past ten years, instead of waiting to the draft and using that free cap space of Fitzmagic, they make a bold trade for an injury prone LT. Ryan Clady is serviceable however the past couple of years he hasn’t been 100% healthy. The 1st round had three guys who are solid LTs and at least one of them was in reach. Now they will kick that problem down the road another year and hope Clady can actually start 16 games. This is the problem with the Jets as they are in denial about what they are this year. Based off the roster makeup and the fact they traded for an established LT on pretty much a one year deal screams win now. However how they are handling the QB position and seem to want Josh McCown screams they want to tank this year. Don’t forget that their cap problems are due to the cap hit of Wilkerson being franchise tagged and they seem so willing to trade him. However no one wants to give up a high first for a one year guy, especially in a deep draft at that position. So the Jets are circling the runway, not sure what to do, except hoping Jared Goff somehow falls to them at 20.



A Very Un-Dolphins Like Offseason


The Dolphins the past few years have cared more about winning the offseason trophy instead of actually getting better. This has caused them to overpay for players (Suh, Wallace) and finish 8-8 or worse. This year they actually have done a good job. They hired a solid coach in Gase who actually knows what he is doing unlike Philbin. They didn’t overpay to re-sign Vernon or try to overpay for some high valued free agent. They let Lamar Miller go elsewhere to be mediocre and didn’t try to overpay for someone to replace him. Mario Williams was a nice signing as he is a lock to get 10-14 sacks a year when not being asked to play CB. They also made a nice trade for The Legend who will make all the Fin fans do crazy stuff to get his jersey. So this is weird for the Dolphins as they actually made decent moves. However Tannenbaum is still in charge so look for them to trade up to #1 for Robert Nkemdiche.



Agents Just Don’t Understand


The Bills starting QB has been in the spotlight recently as his agent is trying to get his fifteen minutes of fame. Tyrod’s agent wants an extension now and instead of negotiating privately, he is talking to the media and throwing the whole team under the bus. According to Tyrod’s agent, Tyrod was the only reason they won 8 games and if they had a defense or discipline, they would have went 16-0 and be hoisting the Lombardi. While the defense did deserve some blame in some of the losses,  the hopeful franchise did deserve some blame too. Tyrod was 0-5 when he threw more than 30 times, against the Patriots (twice), Chiefs and Eagles he had chances in the last drive to tie the game or win and failed, and it was the defense that bailed his horrible first half play against the Titans.  While Tyrod did have a decent year and was great to Bills fans due to their hilariously low expectations (and he’s exciting), franchise QB he is not. If anyone is to blame for why Tyrod is playing at below market value, maybe the agent should blame himself for agreeing to that “horrible” deal. If Tyrod plays as well as many are hoping he will, the big money will come but for now, the agent should deal with it.


Patriots: In Denial About Jalen Ramsey

The Patriots don’t have much to talk about as in typical Patriots fashion, they are super quiet about what is going on. Instead this will be a perfect time to talk about a player that certain Patriots fans are in denial about: Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey is the best player in this draft and should go #1 but won’t because the Titans are incompetent. However the real debate is what position will Ramsey play in the NFL. Some think he is a CB, some think he is a safety and some think he is a hybrid. At FSU he was moved around due to need and because Jimbo somehow thought PJ Williams was any good. Ramsey was exceptional as a nickel CB his freshman year, a hybrid CB/S his sophomore year whose one job was to bail out PJ Williams and Ronald Darby and as lockdown CB his junior year when he showed scouts that he is an awesome CB. Ramsey is a CB first as he showed in college he can be on someone’s #1 and shut them down to the point teams were scared to throw against him. Some want him to so badly be a safety because safeties don’t get drafted in the top 5.  However, those people thankfully aren’t NFL GMs so they won’t get to decide.

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