Archer Weekly: The Man


Archer Weekly: The Man
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It was a terrible weekend for football unless you were the one person in the universe who roots for Notre Dame and the Buffalo Bills.  The AFCE got embarrassed in their non-divisional games and for one team it might be the difference between a first round bye and playing the first playoff weekend.


The city of Boston had lots of hype this weekend as they hosted the eventual National Champion loser in the Clemson Tigers. Boston had College Gameday there and this was going to be the first time they were relevant since Matt Ryan was there and they were ranked #2 in the country and facing the Lost Decade Seminoles. Just like that time, Boston College blew their one chance of fame and lost a game they shouldn’t and they will go back to being irrelevant.


The other Boston team had a big game against the Tennessee Titans coached by ex Patriot Mike Vrabel. The Titans also had a couple other ex Patriots who have been hating the Patriot Way since leaving in Free Agency. They were also facing Marcus Mariotta who we still aren’t sure if he can actually feel the football or not. This was an easy game for the Patriots and they should have won by triple digits. Instead the Patriots showed they were all smoke and mirrors and got embarrassed as their defense got smoked by some guy named Corey Davis and their offense could do nothing. Tom Brady had a horrible game as he was facing pressure and was very off with no Gronk. The good news is this loss didn’t matter when it came to making the playoffs but with the Chiefs looking unbeatable and the Steelers playing in the AFCN, they might have to settle for the 3rd seed and a first round playoff game against the Buffalo Bills.



The city of Miami had another rough weekend as the Canes continue to show that the only game they cared about  was the game against FSU (and they in the real world lost that game too). They lost to Georgia Tech who aren’t really that good and Mark Richt is showing why Georgia made the right call letting him go.


Meanwhile the other Miami team headed to the frozen tundra where they faced Green Bay Packers and Relaxed Aaron Rodgers. Everyone was pumped for this game as Brock Osweiller was continuing his tour of the NFL and everyone made sure to start the Packers defense. The Dolphins got totally destroyed and that is all we are going to say about that.


New York New York

The New Jersey Jets had a crucial divisional game against America’s Team. Their starting QB Sam Darnold was out and everything was going to be fine, they still had Teddy Bridgewater who they totally didn’t trade away for a measley third round pick.  Oh wait, they did do that and instead were starting the NFL’s version of Julio Franco in Josh McCown. McCown was terrible this weekend and showed why it was a waste of money even keeping him.  The entire Jets team looked totally unprepared and lost to a guy who was signed 12 days prior. Todd Bowles has lost the team and to end his misery they need to let him go and end the suffering or else he might get a lucky run and they stick with him another year. But it could be worse, they could be the Giants.



The Man 

Now we go to the only victor in the AFCE in the Buffalo Bills. The Bills were led by the real next Brady in Matt Barkley who did not give a crap. The offense looked like what people expected with Daboll with a lot of modern passing concepts which helped have the best rushing game of the year of the Bills. Barkley should be starting the rest of the year as Josh Allen needs to sit and learn how to accurately throw the football and Nathan Peterman needs to be cut. The defense also came to play as they shut down the Jets offense which might not be saying much but still. The Bills currently have the #1 defense and if their offense wasn’t the worst offense in the NFL, they might be competing for a playoff spot instead of competing for Nick Bosa.


In other news, congrats Notre Dame on your meaningless win against the worst FSU team since the the 1970s. Enjoy missing the playoffs because you lose to Syracuse next week and get jumped by a second SEC team.


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