Breakout year…Miami Dolphins

Luciano 11

Breakout year…Miami Dolphins
Luciano 11
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The series I started back in 2014 is back for a third season. I will pick a player from each AFCE team. This is the player I think has a breakout year; a year that makes people take notice. We continue with the Miami Dolphins.
Last year, I chose Ryan Tannehill, because I figured he would thrive in Lazor’s second year as OC.
Joe Philbin and the Oklahoma Driller are gone, in comes Adam Gase. Gase has built a reputation as a QB whisperer because of his work with Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler. Gase’s offense is not about numerous deep passes, that when completed make fans dream big. It’s a much more balanced attack that relies on a good running game to complement the passing schemes.
In comes my choice for this season’s Dolphins Breakout Player: Jay Ajayi.
Gone is Lamar Miller, in comes broken down Arian Foster. Jay has to develop into the workhorse many teams envisioned he could be before last year’s draft.
The fear, and why he dropped in rounds, was his off the field issues and a knee that can go bad at any time. However, since arriving in Miami, Jay has remained a model citizen, and stayed out of trouble. If he can remain healthy, I do not see anyone else on the roster being better.
Jay is an intriguing player with home-run ability, and he can be a big weapon in the passing game if used correctly. I can see Gase doing for Jay what he did for CJ Anderson and Jeremy Langford. Gase also used Matt Forte in the short quick routes designed to go for long gains., which is how he needs to utilize Jay.
Powerful body
Quick acceleration
Good speed
Runs very low to the ground with good balance
Right knee is a time bomb…operated on in 2011
Tends to try to overrun defenders instead of using patience and elusiveness
Needs to stay out of Wal-Mart
At the end of the season Dolphins fans may discover that they have a RB to lean on for the next few years. Jay, may make Gase’s life a lot easier.


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