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Breakout year…New England Patriots

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Luciano 11

Breakout year…New England Patriots
Luciano 11
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The series I started back in 2014 is back for a third season. I will pick a player from each AFCE team. This is the player I think has a breakout year; a year that makes people take notice. Third at bat we find the New England Patriots.
Last year, I chose Malcolm Butler, because he showed incredible promise in his rookie year.
The Patriots seem to be a patchwork of offensive talent, on a yearly basis. But it works, it works like it does on no other team, mostly because the man under center calling signals is one of the best ever at his position, and even as an old man, he has too big a desire to win, to fail.
The defense is another story, and in comes my choice for this season’s Patriotss Breakout Player: Malcolm Brown.
I promise I am not in love with the name Malcolm.
For a long time Vince Wilfork manned the middle of that D, stopping runner after runner with his wide body and athleticism. Malcolm was drafted out of Texas in 2015, with the idea that he may become another Vince. I kind of think he can be just as good, or maybe even better, providing he has the desire and work ethic that Vince possessed.
Brown is a wide load, still growing, about 6’2” 325 lbs, with a powerful body, and he may just be a steal from the 2015 draft.
Great flexibility of lower body, allowing him to fight through blockers with ease
Very powerful
Great speed to get into backfield
Plays with a mean streak
Tends to take plays off and become timid
Still needs to grow into his wide frame
Very limited college experience
At the end of the season Patriots fans may be pleased with the talent this kid has. Hopefully he continues to improve his work ethic, and be a lot more like Vince.

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