CK’s Early Season Hot Seats – A Highly Biased Coaching Evaluation

CK’s Early Season Hot Seats – A Highly Biased Coaching Evaluation
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While the 2020 NFL Season has barely started, some coaches have already put themselves on very thin ice with the abysmal starts that their teams have gotten off to.


Now let’s be honest, changing head coaches during the season might work in the NBA, NHL, and perhaps even in the MLB.  However, for the NFL, changing your head coach during the season pretty much says you’re throwing up the white flag and just want to get a head start on finding your next coaching hire.


The notable exception, of course, was in 2012 when Bruce Arians was named Interim Head Coach for the Indianapolis Colts after Chuck Pagano was forced to leave the sidelines due to leukemia.  Arians led the Colts to the playoffs and was named AP Coach of the Year – the first interim coach ever to win that award.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at the coaches that may be on the hot seat.


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