Closer Look-Ryan Tannehill

Closer Look-Ryan Tannehill
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We begin this off-season series with a player that has become the most polarizing one ever, in the AFCE. Between the haters, suck-ups, antagonist and fanatics, the player known to the hopefuls as RT17, never appears to be forgotten.
Ryan was born in Lubbock, Texas, and basically spent his life in the Pan Handle Area, until the Dolphins came calling. He will be 29 when the 2017 season begins, and will be entering his 6th season.
Summarizing his pre-NFL career, in high school he started as a DB, switched to quarterback his junior year. In college, Texas A&M, redshirted his freshman year. In his sophomore year he was the third QB behind Stephen McGee and Jerord Johnson. This prompted the team to utilize him at WR. His junior year he again lost the QB battle to Johnson, and was back at WR. 6 games into the season, Tannehill took over at QB in a game against Kansas. He officially became a quarterback


Ryan was the starter at Texas A&M his senior year, and finished his college career with 20 starts and played in 24 game. With 42 TDs, 21 INTs, 5450 passing yards. His most impressive stats were at WR: 112 for 1596 Yrs and 10 TDs.
During the 2012 NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill with the 8th pick in the draft. The team immediately gave him the keys to drive the franchise, and he has, ever since.


His NFL career stats: from



Author words of wisdom

Tannehill has had “serviceable” career, nothing to be excited about, not much to be depressed over. He has ridden the mediocrity line for 5 seasons, and oddly enough, the only time his team has made the playoffs has been when he has thrown the least, the “Cutler Fix”, as cknuckles60191 expertly reported.
In his brief college career, Ryan has completed 62.5% of his passes, he is basically working at that same level in the NFL. He threw twice as many touchdowns as compared to interceptions, as expected that ratio is worst in the professional ranks.
Tannehill gets sacked, a lot, and the blame has always passed down to the OL. In my opinion he is the biggest culprit, because his decision making process is just too slow. This may be due to the fact that he had little college experience, on a team where winning was far more important than learning. RT is very athletic, but he takes too long to decide when its time to run, or simply dump it off. That extra split second he takes makes pass rushers salivate. After 5 full seasons, its hard to see pocket awareness magically appear.
I make fun of Ryan, mostly because its easy to, however, he is the best option the Dolphins have at the moment, but at 29, unless he becomes Elway 2.0, time is running out.

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