Dumbest contracts in the AFCE-per team

Luciano 11

Dumbest contracts in the AFCE-per team
Luciano 11
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It is CAP time, this time of year every team’s mistakes, bright ideas from the past, they all come to light. Teams try to cut players, or at least hope they can, and save some money, so that they can have another bright idea……only to deal with it next year!


Buffalo Bills


The Bills’ choice was simple. At this time a year ago, the fan base, new HC Rex, everyone was so excited that they rid themselves of a smurf that had been injured all year, for a proven top notch running back. LeSean McCoy arrived with a slightly smaller horse than Rex himself; he, the Eagle, the one and only Shady, was going to add a dimension that could only result in a better record.


Well, not so fast. Not that the Bills season issues were to be blamed on McCoy, however, after a ham string injury in pre-season, it all went downhill. McCoy began by blaming Eagles HC, Chip Kelly for his demise, and even used his birth given race card. Truth is, McCoy was traded because he had a crappy at best 2014 season. If I recall correctly, LeSean was the most coveted Fantasy Leagues player, and even the number one pick in our league. McCoy disappeared for most of that season, more than Shady, he became a shadow of himself. In my humble opinion, Shady is never going to become the player he once was.


His contract is ridiculous, because he basically cannot be cut/traded or sent to the corner with rocks under his knees. His salary in 2016 is $7,675,000, if cut/traded he will count $13M immediately. Cut him next year, not so fast, Bills would only save $1M. The mistake was not trading for McCoy, but giving him a new contract that makes no sense. I did not chose Mario Williams, because his days in Buffalo are over.


Miami Dolphins


Mine will not be a popular choice for fans from Miami, but I have to say Ndamukong Suh. A year ago this team was in CAP trouble, and they did all they could to make a big splash. Fanbase was tired of mediocrity under Philbin, management cut, cut and cut some more, and even then, they needed to make Suh an offer that the Lions were absolutely not going to compete with. The Dolphins did not have the CAP room, so they signed Suh to a mammoth contract and deferred all the CAP hits to year 2 and beyond.


This year, the team’s situation is very similar, and talk surrounds Suh again. Approach him to restructure his deal. Fans claim it can be done because there was a clause in it that says they could. Yes, any contract can be re-done, but at what cost. Suh is slated to make $28,600,000, his guarantees still hold Miami hostage to the tune of $53,870,000. Re-doing his deal means adding years or more of his money upfront, regardless eventually the CAP will come calling. The Dolphins did not need Suh and his mammoth idiotic contract. This one will hurt for a few more years.


New England Patriots


Patriots usually a good team handling money issues, but they have some scars as well. I almost picked Solder, however, I think that Devin McCourty is my target. Patriots overpaid to keep Devin from hitting the free market, but that contract is not close to his current value. His salary will be $7,937,500, but if cut the team will get hit with $16,500,000. Next season if cut they would save $1M. The hope has to be that McCourty returns to the form that he displayed playing along side Revis, and be worth his value. This is further proof that what looks good today, may not tomorrow. Luckily for the Patriots they really have free agents that must be kept at all cost, not like our next team.


New York Jets


The Jets dished out a ton of money last year, mostly because the team had been depleted of talent, and because the NFL gave them zero choice. The fanbase almost unanimously wanted their hero back home, Darrelle Revis. Revis did not play like the Revis all of us Jets fans expected. He is still among the best at his position, however that contract is above and beyond his worth. Revis is due to make $17,000,000, and the Jets remain on the hook for another $25,000,000. In a year that the team has three or four players that should be re-signed, it would have been nice to be able to renegotiate this contract; the way Miami wants with Suh. But, just like Miami, it would be suicidal to do so. Players like Revis do not opt to get less money and give some back. Any extension/renegotiation will result in further damage in years to come.


My hope is that Maccagnan follows his Executive of the Year season with one that has no Revis type deals…..but stay tuned, Mo Wilkerson is due to make some serious cash.


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