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First Down Morning Links
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Aaron Williams capable number one safety

Whaley was asked if Jairus Byrd is unable to be re-signed and is not back if he felt that Aaron Williams could handle the number one safety role.
Whaley had a one word answer. “Absolutely,” he said.
Williams was the one who actually made most of the calls in Buffalo’s defense last year when he was lined up at safety






Dolphins resign Brent Grimes

Cornerback Brent Grimes said Monday that new Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey made him feel “appreciated here.” A four-year, $32 million contract, including $16 million in guaranteed money, tends to make any 30-year-old cornerback feel that way. The Dolphins re-signed the player who was arguably their best and most consistent last season, giving him the multiyear deal he sought.



Peter King: Talib better option than Revis for Patriots 


King favors keeping Talib over Revis due to his familiarity with the system plus the cost of a draft pick. “€œIf you’re able to sign Talib, who’s a proven player in your system, for less,” King said, “€œI would, and you get to keep, say, your number one either this year or next year, I know that’s something I would prefer to do.”





Jets Seek to find WR in Free Agency


Emmanuel Sanders, Hakeem Nicks and Golden Tate are just some of the potential options for a Jets team that arguably has the worst WR corps in the entire NFL.


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