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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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Bills Free Agent Moves Summary

I wanted to hear what some general managers and scouts had to say about some of the free-agency moves that were made last week. So I polled a handful of them to get some of their thoughts on the moves, but the one rule was they couldn’t comment on the signings made by their own teams.
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Are Dolphins depending on Lamar Miller

One major question facing GM Dennis Hickey this off-season as he flirts with potentially signing Knowshon Moreno and contemplates selecting a running back during May’s draft, is what do the Miami Dolphins have in Lamar Miller? It’s not an easy question to answer at this juncture of Miller’s career. After a rookie season in which he played only sparingly, and a sophomore campaign in which he flashed intriguing talent, but also inconsistency behind an abhorrent offensive line, Miller remains a question mark in Miami.




Patriots still lacking up front Horsepower



Looking back at that championship game, the Pats didn’t lay a finger on Manning. He had virtually all day to pick his spots, or at the very least, enough time to make his read and deliver the football. With no pressure, even having great coverage guys on the flanks won’t guarantee success. Translation? The Pats still need to do some work adding to the pass rush mix, be it bringing in another interior defensive lineman, or someone else on the edge to complement Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich and help create a rotation that will reduce the wear and tear on them.






Geno Smith’s Awesome Back-Up


If Jets quarterback Geno Smith is upset because the team has signed a veteran who can take his job away, he isn’t showing it. “Awesome, man. Vick’s my guy,” Smith said during a fan signing event Saturday in West Virginia, according to the Associated Press. “We needed to find a guy that was legitimately a guy that could come in and play. I think that’s what we did.  “Mission accomplished.”





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