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First Down Morning Links

First Down Morning Links
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New York Jets

Humble? Reserved? Not what we have come to expect from the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. At the beginning of the season no one expected the big top in New York to quietly disappear but at 5-4 sitting at number 6 seed in the Wild Card Race the resurgent Jets seem to be on track.

Changed Rex Ryan much more reserved with NY Jets success this …

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are showing everyone they are still the team to beat and all the talk of Brady getting old was put to rest for now after putting up 55 points against the Steelers….The inspiration came from the Red Sox apparently.

What we learned: Patriots continue taking steps in right direction

Buffalo Bills

Looks like EJ Manuel is back for the Buffalo Bills as he has been cleared by the doctors. Not a day too soon after the “Teul Time” couldn’t get it done for the Bills on Sunday.

Bills QB EJ Manuel cleared to practice

Miami Dolphins

Hard to find news regarding the Miami Dolphins that doesn’t include the mess with the Offensive Line and the alleged team bully, but it seems like Mike Sherman has been paying attention. Lamar Miller is to get more than his 11 carry average per game as his last two games have shown he can run it if given the chance.

Miami Dolphins to give Lamar Miller more carries



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