Fourth & One the QBs Edition

Luciano 11

Fourth & One the QBs Edition
Luciano 11
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After three weeks of preseason, three teams are set at QB, one is still evaluating. Week 4 is usually a game reserved for your number three or one that is being showcased.


Buffalo Bills

In Buffalo, camp may have broken up, but the competition at the most important position is still on. The three, EJ Manuel, Cassel and Tyrod are dead locked (according to Rex). The way I see this is simple, if there truly was one good starting QB, he would have stepped up and made this team his. The process maybe the reason nobody has. After the way management used these guys on Saturday, leaves you wondering if they have a clue.

EJ performed well, but once again his performances can be measure with an eye dropper. Cassel, the veteran should have shown more, he is nothing more than a backup to a young player. Tyrod has looked real good. So what happens?

Taylor is named the starter because his upside is unknown and his scrambling abilities only add to Roman’s philosophy. EJ and Cassel, providing they both stay, will be looking for an opportunity during the year.


Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehil has no competition to speak of. I know that in this blog we have sanctified Moore, but lets face it, Moore has never been a threat to anyone in this league. Tannehill has looked sharp thus far as he re-arranges his new toys. The only obstacle Ryan faces is the same old one that has plagued this team for a while: can the OL hold up and keep the kid upright?


New England Patriots

Tom or no Tom that is the question? However, who cares seems to be the BB approach, and I concur. I will be totally shocked if Tom misses any games this season. Jimmy Garappolo is as raw as there is, 4 games with him would be a disaster.

The real problem is not the possible suspension, but the lack of execution so far. This offense has not really clicked, and the results have been ugly to watch. Granted, the QB is older than dirt, eventually he will play for real and put it all together.

New York Jets

The Ryan Fitzpatrick trade was a very smart move by Maccagnan. With Geno not able to play, Ryan is beginning to take command of the offense. Saturday night against the Giants, they played well individually and as a unit. Gailey’s offense clearly allows for bigger plays than his predecessor. Fitz was sharp and connected for 2 TDs.

I will surprise everyone with this comment. Jets will play well with FItz, however soon to be 33 year old body may not last all season, and at some point Geno takes this team back. Sitting on the sideline maybe the best medicine Geno could have received.


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