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Fourth & One, we are pumped!

Fourth & One, we are pumped!
Luciano 11
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As July comes to a close, the NFL season is upon us. Tomorrow night is our first Annual Dynasty Draft. All this means is that football is here folks!

Buffalo Bills

How can you not be excited if you are a Bills fan? A good season last year, good additions in the offseason with no significant losses. In comes Rex and his ways of getting attention. In comes one of the best playmakers in the game, even if he feels that having a party is so important. In comes Percy Harvin, always a weapon.

The Defense is  unchanged, as the only significant loss was The Legend of Kiko, However, Kiko contributed zero to las year’s numbers, and to be honest he is way too small to play LB in a Rex led defense. The Bills will have a huge camp fan following, as they should.


Miami Dolphins

Dolphins fans are also very motivated to see this team this year; can’t blame them either. So many moves, some huge, have the fanbase very excited. In comes the best defensive player available (Revis fans may argue this) Ndamukong Suh. In comes Kenny Stills even if he has never played a full time role, very explosive. In come Greg Jennings and Jordan Cameron, both huge weapons if they can stay out of the infirmary. Gone are a few players, but none really seem to have mattered. Returning is Ryan Tannehill, sporting his new “elite” status contract. Tanny has improved every year, is this the one he puts it all together?

The defense is now able to stop the run and stop the pass as well. LBs are ready to blossom. The fanbase will be very excited and sell out every game.

New England Patriots

How can fans not be excited? Yes, they have been spoiled for sure, but these are the defending champs. Patriots lost a few good players, Revis, Browner, Wilfork, etc. I was watching the McCourty brothers being interviewed, and the Patriots version said: “We always find a way to replace stars, this is nothing new”. I hate to agree, but he is very right. BB has somehow always found a way, and something tells me he will again.

The offseason has been anything but boring, especially as the world awaits Tom’s verdict, or should I say appeal to verdict.

The draft is where the Pats did very well, and adding a big athletic body like Malcolm Brown, may prove to be another great move. The fanbase is excited, but the parades up north have ended months ago.

New York Jets

JetsLand is buzzing, and I cannot blame the fanbase. This is a team that has “sucked” lately. In come some real CBs, Revis, Cromartie and Skrine. A real safety in Gilchrist, and a tremendous draft pick in Leonard. On offense, returning is The One and Only Geno, and he will have new targets in Brandon Marshall, Devin Smith, Zac Stacy, and world champ Stevan Ridley. Pushing Geno are: Ryan The Bearded Brain Fitzpatrick and Bryce Petty.

Add to the mix an entire new coaching staff and GM, did anyone say playoffs? No!!! The fanbase I read in NY papers and hear thinks so. Who said we needed Rex to be excited?

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