Fourth & One – Weekly Recap

Luciano 11

Fourth & One – Weekly Recap
Luciano 11
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Week one

Thursday Night Football

My pick NE 33-27, actual score NE 28-21

I actually thought the Steelers would have scored more, but close call. Steelers defensively looked pathetic at best, no wonder LeBeau left them, he knew this disaster was in the makings, wanted no part of it. The Patriots played bend don’t break defensively, a style they will need to deploy all season. Grounk is pumped up for the season, he may destroy every record. Offensively Tom makes everyone look good, even Chandler got in on the action. Patriots travel to Buffalo

Browns @ Jets 

My pick Jets 24-10, actual score Jets 31-10

The comment was that this game would not be close, and that I felt for McCown, the Manziel era would begin earlier than expected. I was very close on this one.

The Jets played well in a new system, both offensively and defensively. Fitz managed the game with expertise; Ivory is a workhorse and Powell great at changing the pace. Owusu found his way onto the lineup and played a good game. Marshall, after dropping a nice pass, redeemed himself as he stripped the ball away after an interception. Marshall is a great inside the 20 presence, as he also takes pressure off of Decker. Both scored TDs.

Defensively the biggest change was the opportunistic side, a side this defense has not had in many years. Under Rex, for some reason, Jets didn’t create turnovers, they were of to a great start yesterday.

The opponent was the Brown, no need to get too excited, but more than the win, I like the way the team played in the new system. On to Indianapolis

Colts @ Bills

My pick Colts 17-13, actual score Bills 27-14

Boy was I wrong here, even if the Colts came in with a 4 game losing streak on opening day, I really thought they would prevail. Congrats to Rex for giving this team the energy it needed in this very tough matchup.

Tyrod Taylor may be for real, we will learn this as we go along. He was all that defense needed yesterday. McCoy is still not quite ready to be himself, Harvin stepped it up for Watkins. Bills took advantage of every opportunity and score a lot more than I thought they would.

Defensively, Rex has taken over an excellent unit and is turning them into a scary defense. This defense made Luck look like he was just out of college. If this defense continues to play this way, New England will be demolished. If Tyrod continues to play mistake free, than Tony Gonzalez’s prediction before the game can be real; this defense can carry the Bills all the way to the Super Bowl.

Dolphins @ Redskins

My pick Dolphins win 23-19, actual score Dolphins 17-10

A distinguished Dolphins fan at this site, made fun of these picks on Saturday, because in his eyes, one team between the Bills and Jets would have lost. When I said so can the Dolphins, he dismissed me saying that the Dolphins were playing the worst team in the NFL, easy win.

LOL, this was far from easy, and to be honest, it should have been a Redskins win.

In the end, the only thing that matters is the W in the standings, however, Tannehill and company have a lot of work to do, otherwise the next bottom team, Jacksonville, may actually pull off the upset.

Offensively Tannehill took steps backwards. He was not accurate, none more obvious than a wide open Sims. A very well executed play, all Tannehill had to do was lob him the ball. Ryan also continues to hold on to the ball the way rookies do. Tannehill looked good during a hurry up, maybe they need to play that way all the time. No running game, it was also abandoned too early, not sure Lazor is really that good of an OC.

Defensively, the much anticipated debut of Suh was a bust too. Suh actually looked out of shape, as he often had to go to the sidelines with fatigue. The Redskins carved that DL/LB for yards after yards. Basically it was no different from  the way the year ended. Wake is still looking to sack the QB on every play, he has no interest in stopping the run. On one play, the Dolphins were losing, he sacked the QB and started to dance into the backfield. It was called back for holding, however, it showed what a selfish individual he truly is.

DBs played very well, and probably saved the day. Lucky for the Fins, the schedule makers were very kind, up next another perennial bottom dweller, the Jaguars.


Let me remind Bills fans that last year, we all laughed at Dolphins fans for celebrating a week one win against the Patriots like they had won the SB. This was a huge win, and the team looked real good, but its still week one, even this year. However, Winning their next two games could put this team in a position to win the division


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