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The Good, Bad, and Ugly Steelers

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Steelers
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So, it seems everyone has a mock draft these days, and they seem to range from brilliant through unexpected to downright stupid. Since the first round is (usually) the most important round, I’ve concentrated my thoughts to the 15th pick of the draft, and just which player the experts think the Steelers should take. I’ve separated them into 3 sections, with a bonus section afterwards.


(1) CB, Marcus Gilbert/ Darqueze Dennard: Honestly, I don’t CARE which of them the Steelers pick up, I will be very happy with either one. Some have Gilbert falling lately, which is good for the Steelers, as a month ago, I thought he would be gone for sure. Fave pick right here.

(2) NT, Louis Nix III: This is assuming both the above guys are already gone. Before free agency, I wouldn’t have even considered it. Now Ziggy & Woods are gone, and I’m not sold on McClendon.  Yes, he’s a reach by about five spots or so at this point, but it would be great to have the nasty back in NT, a la Big Snack.

(3) WR, Mike Evans: This is extremely unlikely, but if Evans does somehow manage to drop to 15, the Steelers may not be able to resist taking him. Considered the #2 overall WR in the draft, the Steelers could do a lot worse. Just hope they get a CB in the second round then.


(1) LB, C J Mosley: Look, I know the Steelers would love an extra pick every round, and use each of them to draft a LB, but this pick make little sense. Losing Foote meant losing our signal caller for the defense; that’s not going to be replaced by the draft. Also, Timmons has been solid for years, and we have at least four guys vying for the other starting spot. We don’t need another.

(2) OT, Taylor Lewan: No, no, no, no….NO! No Big Ten linemen in the first round. Keep our current guys healthy for a year, instead, OK? Bills, please take this guy. Thanks.

(3) WR, Marquise Lee: What the….are you serious? We already picked up a fast guy with suspect hands in DHB. No need to blow a first round pick to get another one.


(1) S, Calvin Pryor: This is not really a bad pick, but it’s in the ugly section because it most likely means they passed on all my good picks. I find it very hard to believe that all four of those guys are gone by pick#15, but it could happen.

(2) TE, Eric Ebron: Again, not a bad pick, but the defense needs addressing, and that’s what you take with your 1st round pick. Besides, all we would hear from Ravens’ fans is “Hey! You took our pick!. Dirty tripping Steelers…”

(3) Trading Up or Trading Down: I really don’t think there’s a need for the Steelers to trade up, unless it’s just a few spots to get Dennard. Trading down has rarely worked for the Steelers, and should not be done here.


Yeah, I’m naming names of some really bizarre picks:

Pete Prisco: CB Kyle Fuller. With Gilbert still on the board. Lay off the pipe, Pete.

Mel Kiper, Jr: WR Odell Beckham: I will grant that Mel has us taking Nix in the 2nd round….except he’s not going to be there, no way. Not really sold on Beckham as a first rounder anyway.

Bleacher Report: WR Kelvin Benjamin: *smh* guy has concentration issues & misses assignments. That’s not what the Steelers want to see, even if you’re 6’5.


So, my fellow fans of the Black & Gold, who falls into your Good, Bad & Ugly sections?


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