It Makes Sense If You Don’t Think About It

It Makes Sense If You Don’t Think About It
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2014 NFL Draft Preview
The Hooded Genius

When it comes to the NFL Draft nowadays, everyone tends to over-think and over-analyze the prospects. I’m not one to fall prey to that trap. I’m going to ignore combine results, drug tests, police reports, and much, much more to focus on what’s important: what the force tells me. All of my evaluations below are based on one hour, or often a lot less, [I even included a few guys I didn’t watch at all and didn’t even know what school they played for before I Googled them to make sure I was spelling their names correctly] of time spent watching their tape. Times in parentheses = time spent. As you will see, I learned to be more efficient with my time as I went down the list.

JaDeveon Clowney

This guy will be a beast and regular contender for DPoY. His quickness and power off the line are amazing and he should only get better with NFL offseasons. Pass on Clowney at your own risk, and your QB’s. (60 minutes)

AJ McCarron
AJ is a proven leader that will help unify the locker room of whichever team he ends up on. If constant joking about that hideous tattoo can’t bring a group of guys together, nothing can. As for what he’ll do on the field, my buddy Hotsauce Steve thinks he’ll be a very good NFL QB. That’s good enough for me. (30 minutes)

Johnny Manziel
The imperfect blend of Vick, Tebow and Steve Young. Manziel will continue to make big highlight reel plays in the pros. He’d be a great fit in Jacksonville with their creative offense. His exciting plays can raise the bar for the Jags and get the fans excited for the first time in years, before he proceeds to drop them back to earth with maddeningly inconsistent play. (15 minutes)

Darqueze Dennard
The best DB in this year’s draft. He’s a better athlete than his distant cousin Alfonzo, and he’s probably smarter too. He’ll probably draw a lot of flags at first but before long his aggressiveness and physical play will be a big asset. (10 minutes)

Mike Evans
Evans will struggle to adjust to the NFL and the bigger, stronger CBs. Seattle could be a good fit. He’d work with a scrambling QB like in his college days, would get to practice against physical CBs regularly, and he would have access to Pete Carroll’s renowned training program. (5 minutes)

Blake Bortles
I’m torn on this one. On one hand, they’re an amazing prospect and my #1 ranked talent in this year’s class. On the other hand, all I keep thinking is ‘huge bust’. Supposedly her boyfriend plays football. (5 minutes, spent Googling Lindsey Duke)

Teddy Bridgewater
I only watched one series where Teddy threw some perfectly located passes on short and intermediate crossing routes before badly missing an open receiver deep down the sideline. Based on that series I can definitively say that Bridgewater is the next Tom Brady. Championship. (2 minutes)

Eric Ebron
Ebron is going to be a star in the NFL, especially if he ends up with a creative OC. He’s more of a move TE and can be lined up all over the formation to force mismatches. You can tell by his smile on his Wikipedia page that he loves football and is committed to the game. (0 minutes)

Jace Amaro
Amaro will turn out to be the second biggest bust in this article. I’m not sure what position he plays but you can never trust anyone named Jace. If you don’t believe take a look at the NFL Hall of Fame and tell me how many guys named Jace are in there. I’ll give you a hint; it’s the same number as the amount of WNBA games I’ve watched. (0 minutes)

Derek Carr
I’ve heard that he’s similar to Stafford and Cutler. That was all I needed to hear to decide not to waste my time looking into him further.  (0 minutes)


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