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New Players, a “BUST” & a “FIND” (New England Patriots)

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Luciano 11

New Players, a “BUST” & a “FIND” (New England Patriots)
Luciano 11
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With the avalanche of articles coming, and none really being up to our standards, I decided to do a series on all four teams. This one will cover new additions only via Trade, Free Agency or Draft. I will pick the player I think will be a great “FIND” and one that maybe thought of right now as a great pickup, but may just not be what is expected.

Third on the list alphabetically we find the SB Champs, New England Patriots.

The Patriots have had a very busy off-season, not much involved players coming in.

By way of free agency or trades, they added: OLB Jabaal Sheard, TE Fred Davis, CB Bradley Fletcher, TE Scott Chandler. The draft added: DT Malcom Brown, S Jordan Richards, DE Trey Flowers, G Tre’ Jackson

Player to watch

I’m going with a young man added by way of the last first round pick the Patriots will have until 2017, Malcom Brown. At 6’2” 320 Lbs, Brown, out of Texas is just what the doctor ordered in the wake of Vince leaving town.

Malcolm will not be Wilfork in year one, maybe never, but he is a modern interior lineman. Today these guys are not only there to stop the run, but to create havoc on the QB. Brown will develop fast, because he will play a lot. By the end of the year, we will be discussing this mammoth as a great “FIND” with the last pick.

My second choice was Scott Chandler. Chandler the ex Bills TE arrives on a team with a real QB. He will not be a featured TE, but he will get plenty of balls thrown his way. Chandler will produce more on the Pats in a limited role, than he did in Buffalo. He is a great FIND.

Below expectations

Bradley Fletcher will be asked to do a lot, way more than he is capable of. Gone are Browner and Revis, in comes Fletcher, not exactly a trade anyone with half a mind would make. Fletcher would have been a great backup to any of those guys. Fans will get very tired watching completion after completion on his side of the field (see Eagles fans after Dez burned him for three TDs last season). Fletcher  is the BUST, and not because of his abilities, but because he cannot fill big shoes.

My second choice is a collective group. The ones that made the decision to let Revis, Browner and Vince walk. I would imagine Bill Belichick, Bob Kraft and some unknown intern are all to be blamed. I also blame Tom Brady, why not?

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