Slick’s Week 9 Overreactions    

Slick’s Week 9 Overreactions    
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Well that’s more like it…Complete and utter ineptitude from our division.  If the Jets weren’t playing the Bills, then we had our first real shot at a completely winless week…Here we go:
In last place, the Bills.  As most anyone (including our representatives of the Bills’ Mafia) could have predicted, the Bills appear to be a hoax.  There was really nothing positive that we could take from the Bills this week, their new toy Kelvin Benjamin didn’t play so we can’t even speculate how bad he’s going to suck in the cold of the Northeast.  The Bills’ vaunted running game was deplorable, totaling a measly 63 yards on the evening.  Wait, I found a bright spot.  Tyrod wasn’t awful, he had zero help from his offensive line and was running for his life most of the evening.  Even through all of that adversity, he did manage to cobble together a decent evening with 285 yards, 2 TDs and no picks.  Poor guy, he’s actually turned into a decent QB, too bad he has to play with that collection of stiffs.  6-10 is in the cards.
Next to last.  The Dolphins.  Boy does this team blow.  They did manage to keep the game close, but losing to a west coast team at home is really inexcusable.  Their three point loss really looks more like 17 when you account for Jet lag.  On the plus side, Fightin’ Jay returned from his career threatening rib injury to carve up one of the league’s worst defenses to the tune of 300+ yds, 3 TDs and no picks.  Now, I didn’t get a chance to watch much of this game, but when Jay Cutler makes it through a game with no picks, you have to imagine that the DBs dropped a lot of easy catches.  Also, the new running back committee did OK, I was forced to start Williams in two fantasy leagues and he didn’t give me the DeVante Parker treatment (0.6 points and an injury).  Also the defense escaped the law this week, or so I imagine as I haven’t heard any outrage on TV or the interwebz.  Oh well, another lost season in Miami, at least the team that the city cares about is good again.
On to the winners.
In second place, the Jets.  They land in second because it’s not all that impressive beating the Bills at home, but the Jets continue to surprise viewers by not soiling themselves in the field week after week.  Josh McCown is managing this team in a manner that would give Hermes Conrad a limbo stick, not doing anything more than he needs to do, but doing those things very efficiently.  But the Jets continue to be the last team in the league devoted to the ground and pound philosophy, which seems to throw opposing defenses for a loop, as they are not expecting a real NFL team to attack them with an offense that went out of style around 1994.  Another thing that seems will never change with the Jets is the fact that their defensive front is very good, just good enough to keep them away from ever drafting a real QB.  Oh well, they are usually more than willing to overpay a bust of a free agent.
And in first place, the team that did not even have to suit up, the Pats.  Just by sitting at home, the Pats increased their lead in the division and now control their own destiny in their quest for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.  Ahh well, if you thought this year would be different, you were wrong.


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