NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back
Luciano 11
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Joke of the Week


Bart Scott


Scott, who now works for CBS, took a shot at Sanchez out of nowhere while discussing Alex Smith with the Kansas City Star.

“I’ll tell you what – if I would have had Alex Smith, I would have won two Super Bowls, possibly three,” Scott told the Star. “I mean, I went to the AFC Championship (Game) with Mark Sanchez (twice). I’m just being honest.”

Hold on there Bart! Sanchez is not why you didn’t get to the SB, in both occasions. Sanchez actually didn’t play badly in those two conference championship losses. Against the Colts following the 2009 season he threw for 257 yards with two touchdowns and one interception, and the next year in the loss to the Steelers he threw for 233 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. Maybe if our defense had not allowed the Steelers to take such a huge lead?

Scott is being a total hypocrite; he once called for a “media boycott,” and he is now in the media and firing shots at the exact same people he was trying to defend with his boycott at the time. Scott is not a very educated man, that is very clear in the manner in which he speaks and conducts himself. A better question is for CBS: Is he filling in some minority requirements? Because I don’t get the hiring.


More annoying complaints


You finally make it to the biggest game of your life, then this: Broncos practice squad safety Ryan Murphy was questioned by police as part of a prostitution sting in San Jose. Really?


Glazer, the FOX Sports NFL reporter, was once an intern at WFAN NY. Jay Glazer called Mike Francesa the King of all. BTW, Mike has referred to himself as the Sports Pope) … well, let’s just let Jay tell you:


“I got to run for Francesa, and then — my first really solid assignment was at the NFL Draft in ‘91. I got to take Mike Francesa back and forth from the bathroom. And, I’m not gonna lie, copped a couple of peeks. It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing. He is like — he should be in porn. He really should.”

Glazer are you serious? How in the world do they get these jobs?


Colin Kaepernick wants out of San Francisco, prefers Jets next, this all revealed by non other than Manish Mehta. He actually milked this over two days of articles. There was no other source, and a reporter for the Newark Star Ledger even said” not sure where this came from, I have looked and asked, nobody seems to know.

Let’s be real here, Manish is always trying to find, or should I say fabricate, some news to get himself national attention. There is nothing to this story, other than Manish looking to sell newspapers.


Watching the OJ Simpson vs. the People Series, it brings back a lot of memories, good and bad, mostly sad ones. OJ was without question one of the most talented powerful Running Backs ever, but also a disciple of Narcissus. OJ’s abilities were behind belief in those days, but he was always a time bomb that erupted at anyone that didn’t put him first. It all became obvious when he committed those atrocious murders, what a waste of a human.


Peyton Manning gets accused of HGH, PED usage, or whatever they call it these days. Now, I have to say, I’m not sure he would take drugs to be better than the opposition, but I do think he would if it meant a quicker recovery from one of his many ailments. My beef here is not that, its with the NFL. This story has been swept under the rug faster than anyone could find out more information about it. I wonder if he was afraid of a repeat of last year’s news surrounding the SB, or he simple has double standards.


Johnny Manziel has become a very sad story. I for one have always believed the kid needed to grow up and eventually would get it, but obviously he has more issues than growing up. His dad said he will not reach the age of 24, and I tend to agree. Johnny needs to get out of football and take care of Johnny first. Whatever the issues are, he needs help!


Apparently not all are Broncos fans in Colorado. School District in Greenly-Evans has banned kids from wearing Manning #18 jersey, but they can wear Cam Newton’s. Only in America, here is why: Manning’s 18 could be used to show loyalty to the local “18th Street Gang, according to officials at Greeley-Evans School District 6, which operates 25 schools serving more than 21,000 students. That makes it one of six numbers identified by the district as having potential gang associations, the others: 13, 14, 31, 41 and 81.


Something that has bothered me for a long time


London is not enough! Apparently this coming November the Texans will host the Raiders in Mexico City.

“We are coming back to Mexico,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced at his annual press conference in San Francisco ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

To make matters even worst, he also announced that he can see a franchise in London in the very near future.

Here is what I see: This is obviously a pattern. London games that will lead to a franchise. Mexico City games that will eventually lead to a franchise. The next market has to be Asia and the Chinese money, so I can see some games played in China, and on and on. When will this madness end? The world calls the game American Football, lets keep it as such!


Outside of Sports


Iowa Primaries gave us some serious eye openings. On one side we learned that The Donald is full of hot air and it is deflating fast. While Marco Rubio is poised to make a run. Maybe if the Establishment would stop giving all their money to Jeb bush so he could use it to attack Rubio, the race would become fair. I still don’t see how someone born in Canada can become the President of the USA.

On the other side Hillary is quickly becoming irrelevant against great grandpa. Sanders to his credit has captured the imagination of the young voters, very much like Barack Obama did 8 years ago. The race in Iowa was so close that the only reason Hillary won, was because she won all 6 of the coin toss, that determined the winner in those precincts. What are the odds of that? Or was it legit?


A blast from the past


Speaking with some HS friends on FB, I was reminded of something, I had no idea about. Commissioner Roger Goodell grew up and went to High School about a mile or so from where I grew up in NY. He attended Bronxville High School, which explains a lot. This is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state, old money, lots of politicians, actors, musicians, etc. The High School was one of our rivals, and the most pampered, spoiled brats you can imagine. In those days nobody had names on their uniforms, because they were passed down year to year, they had names, and new stuff every season. I played both JV Football and Baseball against him, Although I do not remember him in football, I now remember the fair haired tall kid that was their baseball captain. I was the pesky lead off hitting shortstop, that pissed them off because my stance made it so hard to pitch to me. I remember Roger playing first base and pitched at times. In our senior year he and I shook hands often as captains, because I believe we played in the regionals after two regular season games, small world. I wonder if I can call him and remind him, then tell him to suspend Brady forever! Roger still lives about a mile from my mom, and my cousin lives next door.


Note on the Super Bowl


I had the game at 30-20 Panthers, I was wrong! Congrats to the Denver Defense, they showed us once again, how important the defense really is. Manning hopefully decides to retire because to be fair he looked done, terrible. But he gets to go out a winner, good for him.


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