NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back …Fires Back!

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back …Fires Back!
Luciano 11
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Reading late last night, nothing was more pleasing to me than to see that my telling the truth about the much loved Peyton Manning, got so many excited.


Holding nothing back means what to you?


No, Raat, I hold no grudge that supposedly dates back to the 90s. If you think I chose to tell the truth about Manning, because he could have been the Jets pick, had he chosen to leave school early, than yes, 1972 was the year Jesus resurrected….That was a lifetime ago. I actually like Peyton, and always have.


It’s amazing to me that anything Maning related has to be handled with kid gloves on! Why? Is it because he has earned a lifetime of exclusion from criticism?


Peyton came into the league, and his ability to run the no huddle offense to the level he ran it, changed the way the game was played. He redefined the position, and led like a coach on the field. All of those things will reward his career with an immediate Hall of Fame entry, and deservedly so, but does that mean that I should write things about this season that are not true?


Sad truth is simple, Manning, we were told that he would never again play at the level he once did, because nerves in humans his age, do not grow back that quickly. I mean, we all knew this right? Suddenly he gets better faster than the medicine world could explain. His neck heals and he quickly has a good year, cut short by the Patriots run to the SB.


He came back this year and looked unsure, tentative, and off the mark. The team was winning, but offensively Manning was not producing. Watching his games, it was obvious that the Manning that had played a year ago, was no more. He looked like he had to labor, just to make a 20 yard pass. Manning was off the mark like we have not seen in a while. Most felt the schemes had changed, he needed a game or two to adjust from the “Manning System” to the Kubiak way. That adjustment never happened.


The media and fans alike began to blame Kubiak, and his controlling ways. I mean did anyone consider that maybe Manning was done? No, you cannot touch the protected one! It  had to be the HC’s fault, he dared not allow Manning to run his own offense his own way.


The Broncos went into their bye week hoping to get Manning going, that didn’t happen. His first two games back, a victory against slumping Green Bay at home, and a loss at Indianapolis. Against the Packers, no TDs, 1 INT. At Indy, 2 TDs, 2 INTs. and a whopping 78.6 rating. These numbers had tested Kubiak enough. Manning hits rock bottom the following week, week 10, Peyton playing at home, threw 4 INTs on 20 passes, with only 5 completions. Kubiak had enough, and he sent in Brock Osweiler. Brock ld the team well, to a 5-2 record and a #1 seed in the AFC.


Manning entered the game week 17 in a tune up for the playoffs. Mostly to see if he regained some strength, although the official word was that he had been injured, and was now healed.


In the playoffs Manning had no TDs no INTs against banged up Pittsburgh. Against the Patriots, in Denver, he did throw 2 TDs, but had a pedestrian 176 yards after a 17 for 32 performance. In the SB his team dominated all game, he managed no TDs, 1 INT, and a whopping 13 of 23 for 141 yards. I will say it again, very Trent Dilfer type of numbers. Thank you Defense!


During the mess a report surfaced that Manning had used HGH, which would explain the incredible fast nerve growth that medicine cannot explain. But Manning tried to make it all go away by sending sone goon to handle it. Sounds very familiar, handled the same way his college days extravagant activities were handled. Blasphemy to anyone that dares to blame The Almighty Peyton! Frat boy, Mamma’s baby, innocent luck Manning would have never taken drugs to speed up nerve growth.


Sorry I have upset so many Peyton lovers, however my Monday weekly article is clearly called “Holding nothing back”

Unless Manning finds a new dealer with a new type of steroid, one that can rejuvenate him, Manning needs to walk away from the game.


Ps. Writing articles for your peers to read is a great way to have your opinion read and argued. I welcome anyone to write an article that contradicts mine.


Picture above shows Manning in the process of throwing, but it is not the same process we have known for years.He almost looks like he’s in pain.


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