NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back

Luciano 11

NFL Talk – Holding Nothing Back
Luciano 11
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This column will be available for your pleasure every Monday. It will be dedicated to current news, but mostly opinions, mine, on current events. I will not be gentle, I will not be careful, I will not be wearing colors. Some weeks I may alienate everyone, others you will love my opinion, not sure it will matter one way or the other. It’s the off season, embrace it!


Joke of the Week



What the hell do they put in the water down under? The following is a quote by new OC Clyde Christensen on Tannehill: “I visited with him and his wife when I came in for the interview and had a great breakfast with them, I’ve been extremely impressed with him.”

Oh my God! Dolphins fans used to make fun of Rex praising his players, this dude has not even worked with Tannehill yet, but hey, its always good to judge a QB by the way he eats his eggs. I mean, well done, over easy? Does he dip his toast? Does he like bacon?

Let me translate what Clyde really said. Key sentence there, “I visited with him and his wife”. Duh, Mrs. Tannehill is a lot better to look at than Peyton and Andrew’s women!

Mr. Christensen, why repeat your predecessors’ mistakes? Hold Tannehill accountable. Force him to learn and grow in the off season. Make sure he learns what pocket awareness is, and how to get rid of the ball way way way quicker. Breakfast is not the place to judge him. You making that statement only gave you some very sought after attention.


More annoying complaints


Is Martavis Bryant the new Josh Gordon? Stay tuned, dumbness has no boundaries.


RG3 to the Cowboys? Jerry Jones and he, deserve one another. The Cowboys need a reliable back up to Broken Romo, and RG3 maybe just that.


Sheldon Richardson said all the right things, it worked for the courts, will it for the league? Very hard to fix dumb.


The Pro-Bowl should have been scrapped a long time ago. NFL is “very” concerned about the long term health of these players, yet, this game is played. Showing once again that money talks.


Every year around this time, fans start dreaming of free agents, but does anyone ever pay attention to available CAP, before wasting a dream?


I love the: We just rework his contract/we extend him/just add more years to alleviate the CAP. LOL, yes you can do all those things, but it generally comes at the expense of future CAP. Basically like saying: I don’t make enough money to buy that new watch, but I can just put it on my credit card and find a way to pay for it later.


LOL at Johnny Manziel, just when you think he’s done his last, he does again. Got to give him credit, he knows how to remain in the spotlight.


Chris Ivory: Jets may not have the money to keep me……duh, who pays for someone that plays 3-4 tough games, misses another 3-4 and basically only shows up for the rest? Jets would be stupid to overpay you. Keep Powell and find another Rent-a-Ivory.


The Arizona Cardinals had a great season, but have they blown a shot at a SB, with this group? Some key players are about ready to be fitted with walking canes, will they be able to do it again?


Was there a game yesterday?


Calvin retiring is not a shock. Some of today’s athletes, if smart, they have so much money stashed away, that there is no reason to risk your future past 30.


Speaking of the Super Bowl; has there ever been a season during which home filed advantage was as important as it was this year? The top record in each Conference is playing in the big game. Yes the regular season does matter!


Something that has bothered me for a long time


Football, unlike other sports, requires the body to really recuperate before putting it through another game. The NFL has been on a campaign to help players stay healthy, yet we have TNF. An athlete’s body is not designed to play on the 4th day after a game, not after having been hit and abused by 300+ lb. beast. I also get that the extra weekly game brings in huge revenue. Why not schedule these games with teams that were on the bye week?


Outside of Sports


Can you imagine a November run off for president with one candidate being indicted for all sorts of stuff vs. one who’s eligibility maybe in the hands of the Supreme Court?


I have grown up with many presidents, and even after they are done, we always refer to them as President Johnson, President Reagan, etc. We never say President Obama, not even people of his own party do, its always Barack Obama.


You can’t make this stuff up:


In a show of solidarity with the evangelical Christians who dominate the GOP caucuses, Donald Trump began the day at a nondenominational church in Council Bluffs with his wife, Melania. Melania Trump took Communion from a silver tray, but Trump thought it was a collection plate and reached into his pocket to donate before realizing his mistake.

“I thought it was for offering,” he said later with a laugh.


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