NY Jets: All Time Low

NY Jets: All Time Low
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Looking at the Jets two years ago on this day, there was signs of hope. Rex Ryan was finally gone and they had a solid up and coming Head Coach and a GM who didn’t look incompetent. The ship looked to be heading in the right direction and after year one, many would say they were almost there. Then last  year happened and the mirage which was the Jets was gone and the reality hit. The Jets hit an all time low as they crashed and burned with the poor free agency moves and horrible drafting of their GM.  Now they gutted the roster and have no idea where to go, this article will explain how this happened and where they go from there.


Just Kidding, this is a  Draft Article:

New York Jets: Marshon Lattimore CB from Urban Meyer School of Whining
New York Jets gutted their roster and have holes at every position but DL. Their secondary was their biggest weakness last year as Revis showed his age and they didn’t really have much to look forward to.  Their biggest needs are QB, WR, OL and CB but really only a CB is worth a top 10 pick. Lattimore is a #1 CB from the football factory of Ohio (the third best NFL Factory in the Country). With the NFL going more towards passing and the Jets already having a decent pass rush, they just need a secondary that can cover for more than .1 seconds. Lattimore is a good place to start. Mitchell Trubisky would also be a good pick since the NFL media would love a guy called Mitchell.
Buffalo Bills:  Corey Davis WR from Western Michigan
The Bills have a couple of holes that need to be filled. They need a safety and LB but unfortunately the only two safeties worth a 10th pick are taken and there is no LB worth the 10th pick. We can always go QB but I would prefer someone like Mahomes or Kaaya in the 2nd than Watson in the 1st also maybe Tyrod stays. That leaves the huge hole of WR which right now is pretty barren. Sammy Watkins is unreliable health wise and I highly doubt he stays in Buffalo once his contract ends and Robert Woods will be heading for greener pastures. The Bills need at the very least a #2 but probably a #1 and there is one guy who fits that bill in Corey Davis. Davis has the size, speed and route running prowess to be a Day 1 impact player. He can help a young QB out or be a guy who helps Tyrod leave Tannehill territory. Either way, a solid WR is pretty good choice if the Bills aren’t able to trade back.
Miami Dolphins: Forrest Lamp OL From Western Kentucky
The Dolphins just got rid of their LT in what they hope will be moving Tunsil to LT. However they have no guards and half a center in Pouncey. Defense needs some love but they want to make their big investment Ryan Tannehill actually survive til the playoffs this year. This is where they go OL and get one of the better prospects in Lamp. Lamp is flexible in that he may be a tackle or he may kick in at guard. He could play inside at left guard or move to RT when James gets hurt again. The Dolphins are clearly being built around defense which means a better offensive line for the run game and pass protection is a good first step.
New England Patriots: Reuben Foster from Rawl Tyde
Before this weekend Foster was a lock for a top 15 pick. Then the Combine happened and he was kicked out for arguing with the medical staff. This all seems very fishy and it is most likely Ernie Adams created this scenario so Foster would fall to New England.  With Hightower probably going for his one last payday in Miami, the Patriots replace him with a better version who can be a hybrid of Hightower and Collins. Like always, the Patriots retool and yet again make the AFCCG.


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