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NY Jets Training Camp Update

NY Jets Training Camp Update
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NY Jets Training Camp Update

Cortland, August 5th

Jets were back at work Monday and today. Yesterday Rex ran a more relaxed practice in order to remove the fatigue of the first live action which was held on Saturday, the Green/White game.

Notes going into today:

  1. Jeremy Kerley was not at practice
  2. Jets signed OL Bruce Campbell to replace injured reserve Jermaine Cunningham
  3. Calvin Pryor is a full go for today’s practice, he may even play against the Colts on Thursday
  4. Patterson didn’t finish Monday’s practice due to calf and ankle injuries
  5. Today’s practice is non-pads one, Jets preparing for game 1 as if it was the regular season
  6. Geno has already been nominated the starter for Thursday Night’s game (sorry controversy seekers)
  7. Eric Decker has been slowed by a hamstring and foot injury
  8. Jets considering moving their cam back to their roots, Long Island; Farmingdale to be specific. The school has no football team and no football fields, this is an interesting call

Today’s practice started at 10 am and most reporters left as the Jets close their doors to prepare for the game. As a result news coming out of camp is very hard to find. Here are some:

  1. After practice Rex spoke to the media and said thatSuag Evans shoulder injury is worst than originally thought, the kid may miss the season
  2. Kerley has been held out do to an Illness not an injury
  3. Calvin Pryor will not be exposed too soon and will not play Thursday Night
  4. With Chris Ivory, Chris Johnson + Bilal Powell on depth chart, Rex said you can “definitely” expect a committee approach
  5. Jace Amaro continues to make small progress, Rex was quoted as saying: “When Jace knows what he’s doing… that’s when we’re really pleased.”

My thoughts:

Evans injury offers an opportunity to Salas to stick around. Salas has been stellar so far. As for Pryor being held out, I think it’s a smart move, why risk the concussion from returning, creating a season long issue.

Amaro has had a hard time adjusting to the NFL and more specifically to Marty Mornhinweg’s complicated offense. In the spring Morty announced that since Geno now has full grasp of the offense he was going to unleash it all. Which is why the Jets signed Chris Johnson and drafted another pass catching TE.

Funny quote of the day:

Rex on facing Indy’s QB on Thursday: “As LUCK would have it, we play a very good quarterback.”


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