Oh my, MIAMI Oh my…

Oh my, MIAMI Oh my…
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The Philpin ‘fins are in trouble. The offensive line keeps getting worse and worse. What started as bad just become almost non-existent. What is going on there? My opinion (as I have always said), the coaching staff has lost control of the team. No discipline in the locker room, poor play calling, poor game management. And yes…even Ireland has some blame to share as well.

Miami’s defense is much improved while the offense seems to be declining. Ryan Tannehill will have to run away even more now. Is his insurance paid up? Obamacare?


Coach Bowling PinCome on Philbin! I’ve been waiting for two seasons for you to prove me wrong! When is this team going to DO something? I thought that Miami was going to challenge for the AFCE lead…It looks like the Jets may have a better shot. (cringe).


The “off-season champs” JW’s “Sleeper Team” (wink-wink).

Their last win was a “safety” in OT? Where is the dominating offense that was alluded to in this past off-season? Is it a “Tanneslump”? Or is it the OC?


Sorry guys, Lauren Tannehill cannot save this season…..Neither will a $60M receiver.

Sherman can’t use the A&M excuse of “We just ran out of time” all season. His play calling is in question, he doesn’t seem to know what to do with the talent that is there, and he doesn’t seem to play to the QB’s strengths or game plan around him. The coaches are ‘Bowling’ in the gutters.


Good luck in Tampa!!!





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