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Patriot Evolution

Patriot Evolution
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Patriot Evolution

 by Opinion Slayer


Evolution is defined as the change in inherited characteristics over successive generations or the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

After one of the worst weeks in patriots fandom in the last 15 years and some of the most volatile scrutiny New England has experienced by the media towards the winningest coach and quarterback of this generation.

The three time Super Bowls champions were getting slaughtered by everyone after an embarrassing loss on Monday night Football for the world to see and rightfully so. They were out coached and out played in every facet of the game from the offensive side of the ball to defense and special teams. They couldn’t protect, throw, catch, block, run or tackle, it was a gargantuan debacle.

The effects of the loss became volcanic! So much so that earlier on Sunday there were reports of Brady being unhappy with the organization to ridiculous trade rumors. Patriots fans all over the globe were holding their collective breath to see if this truly could be the beginning of the end for the rest of the season and by the end of the night New England fans could finally exhale.

The patriots were prepared physically, mentally and emotionally in every facet of the game. For the first time in the season the offense did not go three in out. In fact they scored two touchdowns in their first two drives as Tom Brady dissected the Bengals defense setting the tone for a 26 point beat down of one of the best teams in the NFL with their 43-17 win! Going into the game the Bengals were the last undefeated team in the league and arguably the most talented as well coming in to Gillette Stadium. Sunday night was the best performance that we’ve seen from New England all season from every phase of the game and it all started with the game plan.

As your gifted writer has been proclaiming for weeks emphatically, beating the Tom Brady plays better with a two Tight End set up tempo game drum and the need of commitment to the run game. Well, as you could see, it works and I’m glad the coaching staff has finally listened! This is the evolution the patriots need to continue moving forward if they want to get back to their dominating ways of the past on offense. If you are going to trade your best offensive lineman for a 6’4 TE with a 75% catching career record. You better use him often and you better use him WRIGHT! On Sunday night they did. Gronkowski and Wright together can be just as deadly as you know who (Pun intended). They are athletic, tall, fast for their size and have great hands. The run game was also impressive with great execution. Ridley and Vereen were a powerful one two punch (One of their best performances I’ve seen together), that kept the defense honest for the play action. The offensive line looked good giving Brady the time he needed to do what he does best! Number 12 looked like a man possessed playing with confidence, fire and that zip on the ball we all love to see. Passing the 50,000 yards mark only made the chants of BRADY! BRADY! BRADY! even more special.

The offense wasn’t perfect but it was fun to watch for once. They still lack an outside presence to stretch the field but as Brady has more time to throw the ball that could change as Dobson and yes maybe even Mr. Tyms (If he’s not released by the time this article is printed) may help with that moving forward on the evolutionary scale of offenses. The defense played well and Revis Island did a great job at slowing down one of the best receivers in the NFL, once again reminding everyone that he is still one of the best corners in the game. Special teams had a huge turn over with their excellent play that translated into an acrobatic touchdown from Arrington.

The only blemish that stood out for the patriots were the penalties. They are averaging over 93 yards per game. That needs to stop as the season progresses and the games become more meaningful with each week. The good news is, you can put the panic button away and walk away from the ledge because New England is moving on to Buffalo.

The patriots have a tough stretch ahead against division rivals and AFC/NFC power houses. But as long as they continue to evolve in this direction of play and scheme. I like their chances in the NFL food chain!


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