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Patriots Vs Jets: Rare call in overtime aide in a Jets win

Patriots Vs Jets: Rare call in overtime aide in a Jets win
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The New England Patriots lost in overtime to their hated rivals the New York Jets in a bizarre pentlay on a field goal attempt for the Jets.

The Jets were attempting a 56 yard goal in overtime and Nick Folks missed it but a penalty on Chris Jones gave the Jets 15 yards and a easy, make-able field goal.  Chris Jones was penalized 15 yards for pushing one of his teammates into a Jets player along the line.

It had never been called before and the new rule is real, but it has never been called until today. They made this call with the game on the line and completely interfered with the outcome. This is a situation where you just don’t make that call because you never want the ref changing the outcome of the game like they did today. Horrible call.

But there were many factors in the Patriots loss today.

After a hot start by the offense they were dominated in the second half.

Shaky offensive line play has been a problem all season and in the second half it reared its ugly head once again. They gave up 4 sacks on Tom Brady and constant pressure and hits on the QB. Brady fumbled twice in the game, once before half, and once to start the 2nd half, but both fumbles were recovered.

Tom Brady threw a pick 6 to start the 3rd giving the Jets life they never should have had and that was the turning point of the game.

Brady forced passes to Rob Gronkowski, the best player on the field today. Brady didn’t want to throw to the rookies today and it was obvious as he avoided their direction as much as possible. Late in the 3rd and 4th Brady did look to Dobson a few times but never connected. Brady went deep with a good ball but Dobson became a little too busy  hand fighting with Cromartie to legit try to make a play. Later on Dobson did get a step and Bradyjust over threw him out of bounds. Another play Brady threw to Dobson on a pass that was suppose to be back shoulder but Dobson kept running and didn’t know what Brady wanted.Brady was very upset and was seen screaming with displeasure about his rookie wide out.

It is easy to see why Tom Brady doesn’t want to throw their way, I mean I don’t blame him.Dobson drops a lot of passes, and runs the wrong routes, and just makes way too many mistakes to have Brady’s full trust.

Brady was single minded the entire game with wanting to throw to Gronk a lot. A good decision a lot of times considering Gronk had a big game but he should have looked forEdelman and Collie a lot more.

Regardless if Brady says it out loud, he isn’t happy with his offensive line and his young receivers. He will continue to force it to Edelman, Amendola, and Gronk this season unless New England gets some help for him.

The Patriots look like a team who need offensive line help and receiving help. Brady isn’t going to be Brady if his line isn’t blocking and if the rookies are playing poorly.

I’m pretty sure Brady didn’t take a pay cut to get little to no help on the line and in the receiving core.

Defensively the worse game of the season but they were missing so many key players how could they not.

Hightower can’t cover, but he couldn’t even when Mayo played, so I’m not sure why he keeps being put into coverage situations. He can pass rush though.

Spikes did a great job filling in for stopping the run, he did his best out there and was the best linebacker.

Chris Jones had a big game today. He had two sacks and the Pats rookie DTs are showing pass rush ability and Jones progress should be watched the rest of the season. Chandler Jones recorded two sacks as well today.

Rookie Logan Ryan had a pick 6 in the first half for New England.

Dennard and McCourty had a good game, but Arrington and Gregory had a horrible game. Arrington was replaced by Cole a few times in this game because of his inability to stop Kerley.

The line against the run will get better once Tommy Kelly returns and plays with Spikes and the rookies. It may not be great but certainly 10xs better than today.

The secondary wasn’t very good today, giving up big play after big play in the passing game. Without Talib, the secondary look like last year’s secondary. If Talib had play the passing game wouldn’t have been so effective. Talib impacts the entire defense when he plays and they need him healthy to make them a better defensive team.

The Patriots fall to the Jets, 27 – 30 in overtime.

Top Performers:

Stevan Ridley: 11 attempts  50 yards  1 touchdown

Brandon Bolden: 8 attempts  36 yards  1 touchdown

Rob Gronkowski: 8 catches  114 yards

Chandler Jones: 5 tackles  2 sacks  1 FF

Chris Jones: 5 tackles  2 sacks

Logan Ryan: 1 int  1 TD

Devin McCourty: 5 tackles  TD saving Pass Breakup

Alfonzo Dennard: 3 tackles  good coverage

Game Ball: Chandler Jones

He had a good game all by himself defensively with the other Jones but the rest of the defense couldn’t do their part.


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