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Ryan Tannehill: By the Numbers

Ryan Tannehill: By the Numbers
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When Ryan Tannehill was selected as the number 8th pick over all by the Miami Dolphins in the 2012 NFL Draft a lot of people thought he was over valued and not necessarily an upgrade from Matt Moore.

(Tannehill)  “shouldn’t be a top-10 pick. … But in today’s NFL, there’s a good chance he will be,” – Mike Mayock

Last season, Tannehill ended the year with 3,294 passing yards on 484 attempts and 282 completions with a Rating of 76.1 Respectable year but tarnished by the touchhdown to interception numbers of 12 -13 respectively. Tannehill’s TD to Interception stats were given a slight pass and blamed on two things, the fact that he was a rookie and the fact that the Dolphins had the worst receiving corp in the league. Those excuses however, did not get his doubters on the franchise bandwagon and he was rarely if ever discussed in the same sentence with Andrew Luck and RGIII. Now as luck would have it for the Dolphins their division rivals the New England Patriots and Tom Brady seem to be having a similar situation in 2013. The Patriots have a decimated receiving corps after the loss of Henandez, Gronkowski and Welker and even though Bill Bellichick has done admirably in trying to replace the loss talent, it is still not quite the same as years past. This situation provides a nice opportunity to look at the value of the receivers no matter who the quarterback is.

Through the first 6 games of the Dolphins 2012 campaign, Ryan Tannehill acquired the following stats:

CMP     ATT     YDS     CMP%    AVG     LNG    TD    INT    QBR     RAT

  126       198       1454        66.9        7.27        80        4          6        57.3     78.5

Through the first 6 games of this 2013 Patriot campaign, Tom Brady acquired the following stats:

CMP    ATT      YDS    CMP%    AVG     LNG     TD    INT    QBR     RAT

136        239        1480      56.9        6.19         53         8         4         52.7      79.5

The striking similarities in the numbers above paint a different story for the doubters regarding Tannehills abilities to be the franchise quarterback the Dolphins have been searching for, not to mention it lends a certain validity to the “lack of receivers” argument. Once again though the glaring number that sticks out are the interceptions, but 3 of the 6 int’s came in the very first game of Tannehills pro career and all three were batted down interceptions not passing. The numbers represented above also show the potential the your quarterback has compared to the likes of a Tom Brady. Now i am not saying that Ryan Tannehill will be the next great Tom Brady that is yet to be determined, but keep in mind that even Tom Brady wasn’t thought of as “great” his 1st or even 2nd year as the leader of the Pats.

This year Ryan Tannehill has received some help in the passing game with the addition of Mike Wallace and it has sure helped get his numbers up (*See chart bellow). The loss of ex-Jet TE Dustin keller dealt a blow to what was going to be a very good offense but you can still see the great improvement for year to year. The only glaring issue now is an offensive line that has allowed 24 sacks through 5 games and yet Ryan is still ranked better than the rest of the AFC East quarterbacks. He is on pace to finish the year with 364 comp on 582 attempts with 4425 yards and 19 TD’s, that should put him in the top 10 quarterback category compared to last year.

Passer Rating Leaders – Qualified
17 Ryan Tannehill MIA 114 182 62.6 1383 67 6 5 85.5
23 Tom Brady NE 136 239 56.9 1480 53 8 4 79.5
24 EJ Manuel BUF 85 150 56.7 985 45 5 3 79.4
27 Geno Smitd NYJ 113 190 59.5 1490 69 7 10 74.7

By Sergio Peralta


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