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Saturday Discussion

Saturday Discussion
Luciano 11
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Today, we should discuss the Draft


Topics to think of:

1. With the new College Athlete rules coming, is the draft still a legal way to hire workers?

a. Imagine if you went to Harvard and when you graduated only one law firm was allowed to hire you?

b. You study hard to become a CPA, and you find out that so what if you are from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, your new employer is in Buffalo, NY

c. You go to school to learn how to fix cars, and your ONLY employer is across the country from you?

 2. Is the Draft at the right time of year?

a. Should it be Before Free Agency starts? Might give teams a better idea of who to sign

b. Should it be in March, April, or May (like it is now)?


3. Is the order correct?

a. Do teams tank for that Franchise QB at #1 (see Dolphins and the Suck for Luck Campaign)?

b. Is the NBA idea of a Lottery a better system?



Feel free to discuss, but as usual, keep it clean, I appreciate that

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