Slick’s 2019 AFC Championship Overreactions – 9 Times Ferris

Slick’s 2019 AFC Championship Overreactions – 9 Times Ferris
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Well, nothing really has changed in the AFC East this week, The Bills are steady, The Jets are a laughingstock, the Fins still don’t have a coach and the Pats are going back to the Super Bowl…So more or less just your average January.


I’m not going to waste my time writing any more about teams that haven’t played in weeks, so we’re going to focus solely on the AFC CHAMPION NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!!!!  The Pats looked dynamite in the first half of that game.  Absolutely shredding the Chiefs’ defense and scaring Pat Mahomes to the point where I believe you could see a little leakage showing through his pants there in the second quarter.  But then Josh and co got a little overconfident and decided to get cute. Instead of 21-0 at halftime, the score was merely 14-0.  Then the refs got involved, giving the Chiefs a few shitty defensive holding first downs, while ignoring blatant downfield blocking by Travis Kelce (ironically, it’s the first time he’s ever blocked someone in his life).  The game got close, the Chiefs even took the lead and people actually thought the Chiefs had a chance.  Then Andy Reid did what Andy Reid does and allowed the Pats to easily take a lead with less than a minute remaining.  Then the refs came to the Chiefs aide again, going while hog with a full blown garbage PI call (because the 5 yards a holding penalty creates would not have been enough) and giving the Chiefs and their shitty fans some hope. But then the Pats won the coin toss and proceeded to shove the ball right down the Chiefs’ throats for the win.
Of course now that the Pats have won two playoff games in this fashion, the league NEEDS to look at the overtime rules.
And another thing, to all of you crybabies who claim, “every controversial or close call went the Pats’ way,” please, jealousy does not look good on you.  The Pats win, a lot.  Even I didn’t expect this return to the Super Bowl, but here are, deal with it.

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